Just kidding about the range, got no real beefs this year.  Klopp’s development plan is right on time.  I’m just a bit confused because his best choice would be to spread the transfer money over as many quality players as he can get.  Paying 50M for one player seems silly!  What we need is another winger (or two), a dominant CB, a clone of the Count, a striker, and last but not least, A NEW LB!  That should put us well over 100M and any monies we acquire should be spent  filling the bench with the best players/prospects we can find.  Klopp has until the end of the 2018/2019 season to deliver a trophy so I’ll hold that rant in until then!  So far, I likey!  YNWA!


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I’m guessing your talking about vvd as regards the 50mill price tag sage??? Has to be done mate, gotta spend big to keep up with those above us in the lge, if we don’t spend that 50 on vvd you can be assured someone else will and we’ll miss out on a top defender, that is of course if he want’s to join us. It’s all in place now mate, CL football, almost, top class manager, a really good squad of players, we just need to add that extra bit of top quality, 2-3 top players and then we’re good to go for next season and beyond. We’ll soon find out the extent of fsg’s ambition for our club, let’s hope their ambition is as big as our’s.


We need 2 commanding players a CB and MF that can sniff out dangers when being threatened by the opposition. A box to box MF would be ideal (would love another Gerrard type of player). Also maybe another DMF? We need a top goal scoring striker like a poacher type that would get into the right positions to score and poach goals for us. A very important signing is required and we can move Milner into midfield. If the LB gets a knock, suspended and replaced during the game with a substitution then Milner can slot back into the LB position and it’s not rocket science.