Wow! Liverpool has played some sublime football in the last two PL games, that they look unrecognizable.

Never mind about the debate if Liverpool will win the title. I will be disappointed if Liverpool don’t win goal or goals of the season awards this next year

Just 5 games into the season, the Redmen have shown how beautiful football can be played even in the tough physical English league. The fluidity, the creativity and the confidence to shoot from just about everywhere are trademarks that a stable foundation is finally forming at Anfield.

Early days surely, but as per a certain Brendan Rodgers quote, “let’s see where we stand after 5 games, 10 games” so forth, than beating other title contenders away and suppressing the league champions is already an achievement for Klopp’s men.

10 points in five games and the current goal difference has been Liverpool best start in 8 years. However, for Liverpool, the next five games will be the real test.

Being impressive against Gonners, Spurs, Chelski and Leicester has been a natural habit, but the lost to Burnley will always be like an obscene graffiti which can’t be painted over. YET.

A reminder of the type of games, Liverpool is heading into. The so called ‘banana skin’ clashes starting with Hull, swans, manure, West Brom and palace. On current form, Liverpool should be at least 2nd on the table on 29th October, or at the summit if the other Manchester club slips up.

It’s not wishful thinking, nor cranking up the pressure on my lifelong club. Neither it is about the title this season. It’s simply about Liverpool laying a clear direction after all these years to be genuine giants in Europe from next season ONWARDS.

If Klopp can negotiate the next five games with positive results, it would mean a dawning of a brand new era. If not, he is missing a few more missing pieces to finally end Liverpool’s title draught. From what we have seen in the last game at Stamford Bridge, it does look like some lessons have been learnt.

Conte’s team played or tried playing the kind of football Burnley did few weeks back. Happy to let Liverpool have the ball and hit quickly on the counter. It backfired as we know, because Liverpool looked to have found a way to stretch teams ‘that park the bus’. More positively, stood firm to weather their counter actions.

The key to that is clearly fitness. Something Klopp came under criticism for in pre-season for pushing the players to injurious effect. Look who’s laughing now.

Matip looks right at home, Hendo is looking like a fresh new signing, Sturridge appears amazed he could defend and score, Milner looks like a man possessed in a left back role, and the 2 Brazilians Firmino and Coutinho are looking like authentic samba products they forgot they were.

Of course the concern is whether Liverpool can keep up the frenetic pace and coverage of the pitch for an entire season? Possible, because maybe now we understand why Klopp was stocking midfielders at Anfield. The core of any football team to control the speed of the game. Plus Klopp doesn’t rotate his players, he weaves new and unused players into a standard pace required to maintain it over a season.

Klopp’s genius or experience? Doesn’t matter, because he is a fan first, just like alot of us who likes to watch a game with pace, skill and flair. Sometimes it feels like Klopp is simply living his dream doesn’t it?

So with such options, Klopp’s Liverpool have given a fresh hope that they will not fall for such scams from teams who sit back.

Also instead of calling it confidence, the Reds are seeing tangible proof on the field that they can pull off a grand finish.

Hence only after coming through the next five games can we truly start to believe in miracles.

The best to the Reds. YNWA


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I think we all know that on our day, we can beat anyone and Chelsea and Arsenal away victories are proof of that. Last season we blitzed City and Chelsea away similar to the way we played in the season when we finished 2nd. The key to success this season is going to be consistency. To me, the players we buy are mainly from lower teams and their appearances for those teams were generally incredible in some games and missing in others which why consistency is our problem. Players from competing for top places and CL contenders have the rhythm of turning out consistent performances and know how to manage their performances throughout the game. Needless to say, you pay for what you get and sometimes it doesn’t always work out eg. Di Maria at Utd. Klopp has an uphill battle to get the players to perform consistently to get results, especially when we play badly, our defense has to be strong so we can fight for a draw or sneak a 1-0. This high octane football cannot be sustained the whole season, even throughout the game! At Arsenal we played 20 – 30 mins of amazing football. At Chelsea,… Read more »
I hate getting optimistic these days as that’s usually when things start falling apart. However, there are definitely some good signs that are impossible to ignore. For a start, we are now the best chance creators in the whole of Europe. The one downside to this is that we aren’t really converting enough of those chances, although if current trends continue this is something that should improve. For me the primary weak spot has been the centre backs, much will depend on how Matip, Lovren, Klavan, Lucas et al come together as a unit. Again, the signs are looking promising and if we can improve defensively we’ll stand a much better chance of remaining in the top quarter of the table. The elephant in the room is the battle between Mignolet and Karius for the keeper’s jersey and although logic would dictate the gloves should go to the newcomer I’m not totally convinced Klopp has made his mind up yet. Personally, I would say we have promise all over the pitch but as of yet we haven’t got a proven team. Only time will tell whether we can stay at the required level for the whole of the season. I… Read more »

That’s why last season was so important because it gave him 3/4 of a season to learn the ropes, without all the pressure. It should give him a bit of an advantage this season in regards to Pep and Conte


That’s very true.

Well mate nice resume , and am sure there are many included me who is more than happy to see the LFC KLOPP TEAM play this season . Many have said about the recruits and klopp has proved them wrong ,he had spent on whom he needed, to improved the quality and the way he want his team to be and play. There are many good things we saw from the start but we just need to keep head on shoulder and keep working more harder . Remember 13/14 we lost the title for just 2points. All the draws , lost games and points against the so called 2nd part of the table teams were the main caused and problem .I remember sir alex said try to win against the 15 rest bottom team h/a makes you 90pts title is in hand, so do not rush with the 5games we all know the road to glory is very long but its in December and January that we could assess the team if they will do it or not . For the time being we must built the anfield fortress again ,and avoid losing easy points against the Hull, swans or… Read more »

What feels different about this season is that we are not over reliant on one or two players like we have been in the past (Gerrard/Torres or Suarez/Sturridge). If we get injuries there is someone strong to come in. In the last three games we have started without Coutinho (Leicester), Firmino (Chelsea) and Mane (Derby) yet the standard has remained high. We are also spreading the goals around. Already 10 different players have scored. I’m not too worried about burn-out this season as we have no European games and Klopp seems to know when to rest a player which is of course easier with his squad now strong in most positions.


That’s a good point, I’d forgotten we haven’t got the midweek European matches. It will still be interesting to see if there is a slight tactical adjustment from Klopp towards the end of the season because he’s used to having a winter break and a lot of European managers key that into their strategy. Also, towards the end of the season it’s not unusual for players to be playing with minor knocks and if Henderson’s experience last season taught us anything it’s that this is not a system where you can dial off a lot of intensity. Not that I usually listen to Alex Ferguson but he’s said he’s never known a team manage to play at Liverpool’s tempo for a whole season and I think he may have a point due to the physicality of the English league. The extra squad depth will certainly help but there will be a lot of people keeping a close eye on us to see if we start to tail off early.