This game gives some of those who haven’t featured yet in pre-season an opportunity for a work-out.  I’m looking forward to seeing Weimaldum (apologies for spelling if wrong) and also seeing where Klopp plays him.  Sturridge, Origi, Clyne and Mignolet should all play some part.

I’m not sure what t he opposition will be like.  My son who follows Milan as well as the Reds says they are terrible at the moment but they have done ok in pre-season so far.  We may get to see Suso of whom I had high hopes but he never quite made it at Liverpool.

After the disappointment of Chelsea we could do with a positive result from this game.


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I saw through YouTube our AC Milan game, and then after that I saw the Real Madrid – Chelsea 3-2 game and couldn’t help noticing the difference in quality. All of Real’s 3 goals were scored from quite a distance and they were quality strikes. I hope we can improve on our long range shots because it seems JK wants to be like BR and pass into the box to slot the ball in which is a few passes more difficult. Eden Hazard was also outstanding with his 2 goals. Anyway we’ll see how we fare in the PL when we take on Chelsea again after our 0-1 loss. I saw the AC Milan game and although before seeing the game I was impressed with our 2-0 win but after seeing the game, I can’t help thinking JK is doing a Brendan again with lots of passing and especially (I noticed) a lot of passing back to the GK. I am also worried that JK doesn’t seem to emphasise on top individual quality rather than team play (emphasis should be 50:50 as both are equally important) but JK downplayed Origi’s goal which was brilliant. I now have confidence in Studge… Read more »