So much doom and gloom going around right now and i suppose it’s warranted but let’s try and look on the bright side for a moment. 

Great news that mane is on his way back from the AFCON and could play against chelsea on tuesday night, although maybe not start. We’ve missed mane big time and this should give the whole team a lift. 

We’re out of all cup competitions now which is a shame but by far not the end of our season, we now have only one game a week for the rest of this season whilst the rest of the top 6 teams have domestic and european cups to contend with, big plus for us. We simply couldn’t cope with all these fixtures in january and for various reasons, injuries, inexperienced players, wholesale changes in games but that’s all done now, chelsea game being our last in this horrific month.

We now have our core 11 back as one unit, granted some are still getting back to full fitness but i feel the return of mane will boost the team no end and we should see better performances from here on in. 

Although it’s been a very bad time for the reds i do think we can salvage something from this season and that’s a CL spot which is imperative imo. A title challenge is gone, no matter the result on tuesday night imo but i’m sure klopp and the players know all is not lost as yet and will be going all out to finish in the top4.

I for one haven’t given up on this season yet, there’s still a lot to play for and i can see feb, march, april and may bringing back our early season form and with it CL football for next season.

Keep the faith red supporters and stay positive, thanks for reading,   YNWA.


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I don’t get those who are already calling for Klopp’s head. The basic truth is that given where Liverpool are in their development we are not going to sign a better manager than Klopp – fact. Actually, I’ve always thought Liverpool were punching above their weight to get him in the first place, considering the limited resources he’d have to play with.

Okay, so we’re out of most of the trophies this season but what Klopp has gained is invaluable Premier League experience, something which many of us undervalue. Now he knows what it takes to challenge in the PL he needs FSG to meet his basic requirements. The current slump we’ve gone through has highlighted our deficiencies, we must use that knowledge to be more competitive in the future.


I agree with all above. Good players don’t become bad players overnight (though it feels like that). If we can avoid injuries to key players during the run-in then I am confident we can secure a CL place. Just one game per week will be a big help. I read we played 11 games in five weeks and now face just 15 in 3 months. However we will need to seriously strengthen in the summer if we are to compete on all fronts next season.


I just think as a fan its hard to swallow,,,i personally feel that we have been figured out too easily…whether its tiredness etc it does not matter, other clubs are doing fairly well so that would be no excuse either..
As for Klop i just feel that all the games we are playing we cant seem to switch styles or the plan on the whole…doing the same thing every time and expecting different results i believe they call that ,,,,well not good..
Klop is a great manager and if we supported him in the good times like early in the season we must support him and the club in the bad times (shankly said it best)..
We have lost the fire/playing for fun attitude. Is it the rigorous training/ fatigue/attitude i don’t know but coming up with this Chelsea game a Win will go miles for the rest of the season for both fans and players….