A Plymouth Argyle fan left this post on the official Liverpool FC Facebook page. I recommend you read it entirely because it is extremely touching and it’ll make you proud to be a Red:

I’m an Argyle fan and I attended the game on Sunday. At approximately 12:00hrs, just as I was about to enter Anfield through the turnstiles, I received a phone call from my eldest son Terry. He told me my other son Daniel, who was in intensive care, was flat lining and was about to die. Obviously I was very distraught and struggled to hear him over the noise of the crowd. I turned to face the ground to hide my tears when I noticed beside me a tall police officer, who I now know was called Graham.

I tried to tell him my son was about to die but the words didn’t come out. He saw how distressed I was and saw the facetime image on my phone of my youngest son in intensive care. He immediately led me into the club and into the police supervision room I think it was called. He sat me down and spoke to me while Terry continued to keep me informed of what was happening back in Guildford hospital in Surrey. I lost the connection a number of times but managed to keep abreast of what was happening to Daniel, his heart rate, blood pressure etc. Another man came over to me and I’m ashamed to say I’ve forgotten his name but he told me he is a former police officer but now works as the head of ticket fraud at Anfield. He was, along with Graham, an absolute credit to Liverpool FC. They couldn’t do enough for me and were a great comfort at this worrying and frightening time for me. They made me some sweet tea for the shock and let me rabbit on and on about my son and just listened to me. Daniels obs then settled down slightly and I calmed down with the help of these two big scousers, I’d only known for half an hour, but they were great.

I was then shown to my seat in the away end, forth row behind the goal, by Graham and my other new friend with loads of kind words and assurances that if I needed to return to the office, even if it was just for some quite time, I just needed to let a member of staff know.

Unfortunately I was only at my seat a matter of minutes, maybe ten I’m not sure, when I got a text from my daughter Stacey which simply read

“he’s gone”

My beautiful 25yr old son Daniel had died of cardiac arrest.

I had to get away, just get out of there and away from the crowd. I looked for Graham but spoke to another officer who got me to the office and linked me back up with my two companions from earlier.

As soon as I stepped inside the police office I crumpled in a heep on a table with my head in my arms and just completely broke down. I sobbed like a baby at the loss of my son and feeling of despair. Graham and the Anfield employee both put their arms around me, an Argyle fan, in a show of pure human kindness, a credit to scousers and Liverpool FC as well as Liverpool police.

Once I calmed down and composed myself, I reconciled that there was nothing I could do for my boy, he was gone. I couldn’t leave as I had travelled to Liverpool by car with passengers. Again they escorted me to my seat but this time along the front of the stands and infront of the fans. At this point I did feel alone and without my family a bit isolated. But the Liverpool fans started singing there famous anthem YNWA. It felt like they knew of my shocking news and were, well in my head anyway, singing to me personally and it lifted my spirits greatly.

Please if anyone knows the persons that I’m talking about (Anfield head of ticket fraud) and Graham the police officer. Can you please pass on my sincerest thanks to them both for the care and the kind words they afforded me at my time of need.

Thank you guys and thank you Anfield x


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Simply Red

A sad sad story. Very touching


Wow, how sad is that, puts the game of football into perpective 😥