New Year greetings Kopfans.
Still remember me guys! It’s been such a long time since I got on here that I forgot my password. Each time I was requesting for a new one, I never got it, because silly me, I didn’t check my spam mail for 3 months now.
So it wasn’t the ideal start for the year for Liverpool fans today. Bet I am not the only one who can’t think of a single positive from the loss against the hammers. To rub it in, I had the ‘pleasure’ of watching the game with my father-in-law who is a lifetime supporter of our average mid-table local town club. He summed up my misery, when he said this Liverpool team should play in the Dutch league, so at least FC Utrecht can beat them for some points.
That felt like a blow way below the guts, but he wasn’t too far away from the truth.
The performance was so woeful, even Klopp with his ups and downs of his career could provide an analysis of what is going wrong I reckon.
I am going to put it down to FSG’s dreaded Transfer System hangover.
There were 11 players on the pitch today who looked like a group who were put together for a charity match. There was no application of tactics. There was no teamwork, no one knew what the other was going to do. There was no rhythm, no composure. The Reds couldn’t muster basic football and conceded to West Ham’s simple schoolboy tactics of playing down the flank, cross, goal! The exact same of what Klopp is demanding of his team.
It’s hard to tell if this current team is finding it hard to shake of their former manager’s style, because it’s hard to explain why several unsuccessful attempts were made by several players trying to thread the most intricate passes through 2 or 3 defenders.
The midfield had no vision of mixing long direct passing with short through balls and the wingers had no intuition when to dribble into the box and when to make an easy cross.
This is not Klopp’s team or Rodgers’ leftovers, this is a Liverpool team made up of individuals who had come through a redundant ‘moneyball’ concept. This definitely is FSG’s and the transfer committee’s team. And if anyone is interested, FC Utrecht is run on an estimated 15 to 20 million Euros per season.
Klopp has a massive problem of creating an identity at Anfield, because with the current crop of players costing close to 200million, its not going to happen. THAT transfer disaster which existed for the past 3 years will destroy the best football managers from anywhere and damage Liverpool football club further if it’s not scrapped immediately starting from this window; starting from today.
No one is implying Liverpool should break the world record of football transfers, neither am I saying the club should spend for the sake of it, but FSG should not turn a blind eye to the club and the manager’s needs. Rather than tapping on calculators and theoretical templates, FSG must, must tap on football facts. It has all been said before, but it’s still not happening at Anfield.
There is no need to contemplate if a top players will shrug off Liverpool, the city, as before either, because Anfield now has the new magic pull, Klopp.
Till FSG realizes that it shouldn’t matter if a player at 18 years of age costs 30 million or a 30 year old cost 18million in wages. The current Liverpool need a 5 star name on the squad, maybe even 2. Top players CAN be bought at a price.

If it cost a 100 million for a single player, If it’s what Klopp requires now, Liverpool requires now, FSG should work on how to get that deal over the line rather than dawdle on the players sell on fee for the future. It’s not splurging either. With the exorbitant revenues from CL and TV payouts at stake, the penny wise pound foolish saying is looming over from Boston to Merseyside.
If the accounts do matter, than there are too many players on the current Liverpool squad who can make way to balance the books. Though not too much returns on sell on can be promised. That, unfortunately is the current state of Liverpool. Being submerged in and out of the water by dead weights.
Some will be quick to point out Leicester City’s situation at a prudent cost. That cannot be a yardstick for Liverpool. Each season in every league, there is a ‘spoiler’ team. This season its Leicester’s turn. Liverpool however can’t play that role. The Reds are suppose to be on a consistent platform every season.
I am also not ignoring the fact FSG have invested hugely on the club, however, till results on the field become successfully consistent, Mr Henry and his associates, can’t claim any credits just yet.
Many have said it before and I repeat it again, that it’s time to lose the suits and time for FSG to start wearing the Red of Liverpool with pride.

Or does it really matter to them?


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Hello misty, longtime, great to see you on, ive missed your blogs mate. 😀

Being saying it for ages mate, we’re an average team with a lot of average players, klopp needs to do a big clear out and start getting his own players in and that has to start in this window, we’re going nowhere with a lot of these players, only a handful of them i would keep, its klopp i feel sorry for, he must be pulling his hair out. 🙁 🙁


Even if we were to announce a fire sale, the problem is getting the players in mate, in Jan nobody will be willing to sell good players, we will only get bad boys like Berahino etc…

The Brazilian duo is looking disastrous day by day…

I personally feel we should give a chance to people like Brad Smith, Texiera and Randall , if we are going to loose like this why not loose with giving game time to the young lads who will at least play their heart out


I agree with main and replied posts here. FSG think of the future by buying young players but the blue print doesn’t work that way. To have a future in their plans is to work with the present and that is today my friends. This is where FSG misses the trick and will have to realized time doesn’t wait for anyone especially in a fast pace PL football.

We have been saying this since 2010 and it is time to scrap the transfer committee because they have been a disaster and useless for the club. Old fashioned values are the best and give Klopp 100% control over the in and out going transfers.

Klopp is a world class manager and a huge name so why mess it all up when the chance is there to take? Scary thoughts if Klopp gets frustrated by this system and walks away from the club.