One point I want to make and people should understand is the case of Adam Lalana because I am sick people giving him stick. There is an article in Liverpool Echo pointing in general that our midfield isn’t scoring and declares its concerns on Adam Lalana’s lack of shooting and scoring with 0 goals since May. Now am not saying that is a good thing but that’s not entirely his fault.

Liverpool are currently 2nd in chance creation but what really amounts to that? If Moreno makes a simple middle of the pitch 2 meters pass to Coutinho and he shoots from 40 yards out does it count as a chance created? If so, then we can’t be asking for a better goal conversion rate than 10% (2nd worse in the PL).

Can you imagine if Lalana was shooting selfishly every time he got the ball like Coutinho does? We would never see team play and football is a team sport. Lalana has the fewer shots from our attacking midfield and that for me is not necessarily a bad thing. Lalana is one of the few AMFs that actually look for a pass or makes himself available for passing, and since passing isn’t in the nature of the rest of our AMFs, how is Lalana expected to score. I think we need more footballers like Adam that put the team above themselves. Gets so little credit for his work.


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Even though, Klopp prefers a single striker, it is also set up for attacking midfielders to score goals, he is not cool when he gets close to the net.

But frankly the lads are torn between two different attacking styles of BR and JK, that is the problem, the transition is getting everybody agitated and irritated , fans are like that he had an opportunity to score against Man U , he did not , people will react mate you cannot stop that.. they are considering his prem league experience, his performance in Southampton will be compared to his performance in LFC


I would be surprised if many people agree with you, we paid 25million for lallana and right now if we were to sell him we’d be lucky to get 10. He’s been a flop mate and imo he won’t get much better but he’s not the only one, half, if not more, of our squad needs to be shipped out, not good enough and never will be, not for where a club like liverpool wants to be and should be, we need a far higher quality of player/players and i’m living in hope that klopp can attract them and that fsg will pay for them.


I agree with warrior I don’t think you’ll get much sympathy on here for Lallana. As a footballer Lallana is great he has close control of the ball and he works hard, but that is it imo and for me that is not good enough. We need players who can score goals as well as the fancy stuff. During the match versus the Mancs he picked up the ball just over the half way line, on the right, Cline made a run past him and that is where the ball should have went. But what did he do he beat his man four times, four times, four times, four times do you know how frustrating that is to watch. Lallana has the skills to beat players but when he does it he wants to do it again and again, this in effect slows our play down which allows the opposition to reorganise their defence. I’m sorry op but imo he has to go asap.

Lalana as talent, where he fails is he needs to pass much earlier, and not take a player on again and again once he has beaten them. He is not a striker he is a ball player who scores the odd goal. We have a great goal scorer who unfortunately is so called injured who knows what’s going on there. But if we had all of our first choice front men fit and available the I think Lalana would be coming from the bench. If you think the club are going to out players in bulk and bring in seven or eight players now, then I think you have your head in the wrong area of your anatomy. Klopp hopefully will start to change thing in the summer, which he will need the backing from FSG. This summer will see if we are going to be a mid table club or if they really have the drive to push us forward again, don’t forget they have a limit on how much they want to pay in wages, so don’t knock the players to much, we all do it, but we need to help get them playing by getting behind all… Read more »

I’ve been very disappointed with Lallana as I really rated him over many years at Southampton. I suspect he’s a player who will do well in a settled system but since his move we have been anything but settled what with injuries and changes in formation every other week. However, its during difficult times that you expect senior players to come strong and he hasn’t done that (he’s not the only one as Fotakis points out). His scoring record over many months has been practically non-existent (I recall one Europa goal). I don’t see him as a starter when everyone is fit and I wouldn’t be upset if he is sacrificed for someone who can make a stronger impact in the summer (Goetze or Reus would be nice).


My personal opinion i have no bad things to say about Lallana, the price tag – not his fault, he plays for teh team and yes i agree that if we pick on him then everyone else needs to be picked on..LFC failures is in no way a reflection on one player(and i know no one has said that) its just my statement..
if everyone else plays well then maybe lallana can get on with his job and the same will apply to the others…
Couthino makes too many wasteful attempts at goal “YES” but is that because no one else is doing it or doing it any better…????????????????
On a lighter note and i may be corrected Lallanas first goal was a rebound of him into the net from a clearance,,,who knows maybe its his Karma holding him back 🙂


I’m with Huyt on this one guys, i like this lad & feel better times may be happening in the near future. He is capable of much more but we need to see a more settled team