For a manager to get sucked into a web of greed and illegal payoffs and bringing disrepute to football management, I’m surprised big Sam has not been charged with bringing disrepute to the game and the England football manager’s position!


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Very interesting post with a question… the best answers I can give are:

1. He’s not in employment at the moment so he cannot be charged yet until he finds a job.
2. Maybe the deal in writing was made when he was forced into resignation.

I am most likely going to pick number 2 rather than number 1. Doesn’t matter whether he is in new employment or not… he should be charged with bringing disrepute to the game… but you know how crooked the FA really is… A rule for one and a rule for the other… politics at it’s finest.


There are whispers that Allardyce could be facing a possible ban from English football, but for how long I couldn’t say. It’s not as if he’ll end up starving, he’s got a few pounds tucked away, but symbolically it would be a damning gesture.


Allardyce banned? Pulls is grinning (if he can) because his March value just went up with one less relegation saviour on the market


Big fat sam, couldn’t have happened to a nicer fella.