Shankly was an icon, a folk hero of the kop, a man of the people. They took him to their hearts after he re-awakened the slumbering  giant liverpol fc.

in 1959 he stormed the football world by inspiring them to global acclaim. Shanklys deeds were matched only by his wicked acerbic humour, his passion and fervour for the game were unrivalled.

Here he was to build a marvels and remarkable career. His bravado, and outrageous quips, the put downs, and the glories of the man, who was more than just a football manager.shankly idolised the great Tom Finney and he just loved gangster movies. This is a man who reprimanded a policeman for flicking a fans Liverpool scarf with his truncheon. He asked one of his player if he hought he was the film star Errol Flynn when he was caught night clubbing.

He had a enduring footballing philosophy and showed this in his famous quote.

“Its not a matter of life and death, it’s more important than that.”

There will never be another like him, or will there I see so much of shanks in Klopp, so fingers crossed.

not to labour to long as I will post other sort stories of the great man another time, but just to conclude.

Shakly said, when I first came to Liverpool I wanted build the club into a bastion of invincibility. I wanted Liverpool to be untouchable. My idea was to build Liverpool up and up until eventually everyone would have to submit, give in.

And so the building of our great club started, don’t forget when he arrived here from Huddersfield he had just lead Huddersfield to a 1-0 victory over Liverpool and had previously shortly before he joined Huddersfield had beaten Liverpool 5-0. He was to take over he club officially on Monday 14th December 1959 at the age of 46 and on an annual salary of £2,500. And we were in the old second division.

if you all like this little snip it I will give you some more.




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The great thing about Shankly was his love of and enthusiasm for the game. I can recall back in July 1972 my neighbour Cyril who was an Anfield season ticket holder knocked at my door and in great excitement told me “You’ll never guess, Nick. I had a phone call the other day. There was a Scottish voice on the end of the phone ‘Is that you Cyril. It’s Bill here, Bill Shankly. Get yourself down to Melwood Cyril and see the lads train. They’re looking great this pre-season. We’re definitely going to win something”. Cyril was amazed as he barely knew Shankly and Melwood was the holy of holies. Anyway as a schoolteacher he was on holiday and able to take up Shank’s offer. “And he was right”. Cyril told me “The boys look great”.

Shanks was so excited by his players he had apparently rung up personally anyone he knew even remotely who might be free to watch his boys train. Can anyone imagine that happening these days. And by the way Shanks was right – we won the league and the UEFA Cup that season!


Some great memories gents & thank you for putting this out there to all. We are very lucky to have had such a great man of the game find his home at Liverpool FC, as they say, “the rest is history”