Talks of a mid-eastern take-owner by Sheikh Mansor’s brother are hotting up; is there any substance to these rumours or are they just continuation of the April First joke?? So far their hands-off approach to football management has not generated much controversy or been detrimental to the English game or league but reservations remain among many red fans…


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i personally think that FSG has done right by us so far and there is no need to involve any Rich Arab in our beloved LFC..i like the thought of us coming up without the so called “Big Money”it is something that can taint who we are..just my 2 cents/pence…


Here’s what I’ve seen at “big money” clubs like City, Chelsea, PSG, and Real, and briefly at (temporarily) nouveau riche Malaga and Monaco…
Players liking to end their career on a big paycheck.
Overpriced purchases because the clubs are held for ransom.
Generally a lack of development of youth and an ignoring of academies.
Player turnover because “top” players feel they aren’t getting enough playing time, especially in seasons before World Cups and Euros.
Manager turnover, even sometimes excessive turnover because it’s easier to fire one manager than turnover a squad of overpriced players.
Instability due to all the turnover.
Money isn’t always the answer. It’s only he solution to problems caused by a lack of money.
And nothing says money will be spent wisely. All these big money clubs have how many league and CL titles in the last decade? Remove PSG from their one-team league and the numbers aren’t overwhelming. Of course they are better than poor clubs, but it is t the only answer in my opinion


Don’t think there is any truth to it, i found this article from Bleacher Report dated 2010 and it speaks of the same man. The page won’t let me add it, it’s considered spam for some reason.


Happy with the way we are going, FSG said they would do things slowing but get them right if possible, well they gave Brenda time, but should of got rid at the beginning of the season, rather than waiting, but think the best signing they have made as been Klopp, he matches there profile. Will build a team for us over the next few years, with the team getting slowly better year on year, with new signings and young players coming through our ranks. Along with the steady development of our stadium, we are doing fine.


I think the desire was to get rid of BR last summer, but Ancelotti and Klopp both said they would take a job right away.
It handicapped the start of our season but it was the right thing not to get rid of BR then just to take another gamble on someone.
Especially if they had fruitful communication with Klopp over the summer and had strong feelings he’d be the right guy if they could get him in fall/winter when things went south.


It clearly depends on FSG because it’s not easy for them to own a club like Liverpool FC again in the future, if we can win some trophies and a title in the coming seasons without spending too much, FSG would reap benefits in the long term compare to the short term cash if FSG has issues and they badly need cash then anything could happen …