Our current  sponsor is Standard Charter and now we’re using a new one like Betvictor for our training shirts? I am so against gambling and it is wrong for Liverpool FC to use such a name as a sponsor  that is taking the p i s s. I am not too keen on using a Bank’s name but is this how low FSG can stoop to sponsor another corrupted company when it comes to ripping off people with their sneakiness towards customers? My apologies for the rant but it doesn’t feel right.


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I agree lanno but unfortunately gambling is a massive buisiness and there’s so much money to be made from it that buisinessmen like henry and werner don’t care about gambling addicts ruining there lives and the lives of their families, very sad but true but at the end of the day mate, the gambler chooses to gamble, the smoker chooses to smoke, the drinker chooses to drink and the drug addict chooses to take drugs, they all know it’s wrong but choose to do it anyway, just my take on it mate.


What’s your thought on the “Carlsberg” shirts?
I’m not against gambling, I just don’t partake myself, other than tiny wagers with my brother that are more for the sake of bragging rights (most of the time the winner never bothers to collect).
But it’s just interesting to me that they don’t allow alcohol sponsors on kits because of youth, but gambling sites can be????


I may be wrong but I think a betting company has been sponsoring Liverpool for a while, it’s just now that they’re putting their name on a shirt. I must admit I’m not keen on betting companies, they ram their product down your throat through adverts, especially on the TV, then right at the end they just say ‘gamble responsibly’ after they’ve just spent two minutes enticing you with all the money you could win. Seems a bit contradictory to me. The Blair government liberalised the betting laws so that they could skim the tax off the winnings and since then gambling has found its way into almost every major sport. This normalised gambling and made it widely acceptable meaning now few clubs will turn down sponsorship from betting firms, I’m afraid. I think that ship has sailed.


Agreed the ship has sailed but I’m now starting to worry about the naming rights to the new main stand. I’m hoping it will be an ethical company but this latest situation gives me little confidence that will be the case.

Jamie (admin)

Just seen the pictures. Very disappointing. The training gear was ruined already being covered in standard chartered. Bet victor looks even worse, very cheap and naff before you even consider the fact it’s gambling. We’re never going to have much say over these things unfortunately, we can only hope the extra revenue is put into the team.