The Liverpool squad is not looking well balanced . You have Loris out with a broken hand. Then we also have a not so good left back , Moreno also injured  with no able replacement except moving a box-to-box midfielder to this position as an emergency and thus vacating his other position. A temporary, emergency solution ? With the PL not yet even started and the transfer window still open? What is Jurgen Klopp thinking? Emre Can is an able holding midfielder but if he is injured who can replace him ably? I fear it its Lucas, he might give a free kick away crucially at 20-30 yards from goal. What’s worrying me is that the deadwood and those who need to be sold have NOT been sold leading to uncertainties and we cannot move forward. We are stuck with an excess of midfielders, not enough left backs and center backs and no real convincing striker after Studge and Origi and a lot of injuries before this season’s PL.

Matip is injured and Grujkic is concussed. Sakho still recovering with Danny Ings and Hendo coming back after a long time not playing. We cannot be confident in a team without an enforcer in the central midfield area.We only have Can in that very crucial area . Henderson is able but has not convinced. Yes he does score once in a while.

As far as our strikers go we have Sturridge and Origi which is acceptable but from last season and this pre-season, there is a lack of goals. Certainly many games in the first half  under Klopp still remain at 0-0.  Other strikers are Danny Ings who is just coming back from a serious injury and is not really a ball of fire and Benteke who is about to be sold . And Firminho flow hot and cold. When he’s hot he does get us over the finish line but I can still remember that horror combo of Firminho and Benteke in one of the game last season. 

What else can I say about this squad . Klopp will need to be a miracle worker for LFC to win the league unless more fitting reignforcements are brought in . We are trying to league this season aren’t we? Or we just content finishing fourth? You see, I see a big difference in the thinking of Jurgen Klopp and those of Pep and Mourinho. The latter managerial duo can spend 100 million on a single player when with that kind of money we would have bought 10 players under Klopp who cannot make an impact but needs to “trained” and “developed”. What I mean is when we want results now, we need to get impact players. Just look at Ibrahimovic’s debut with Manure with that bicycle kick. If Klopp wants to develop players, and I am sure he has learnt this from his time at Mainz and Dortmund, we Liverpudlians may have to wait another 2-3 years before our players form a mature, cohesive team unit.

Let’s be honest here. We look at our squad in its current form and we look at Mourinho’s, Pep’s and Conte’s and can we really say we can win the league or are we only gunning for 4th place after all the above names? ARE WE REALLY READY FOR THIS SEASON’S PL?


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Is it time for your obligatory pre-first game meltdown already? My, how time flies. Firstly, there’s still time for deals to be done before the start of the season and I wouldn’t be surprised if at least one more player is added to the squad. Secondly, we have a number of players who can play in more than one position, it’s a good use of squad resources. I have no issue with Milner covering at left back because a) he actually knows how to defend, and b) as a midfielder he knows how to get forward and supply balls, something an attacking fullback needs to do. Left backs have always been difficult players to get hold of which means any decent ones command a high price. Klopp is not going to be held ransom over this though because he has a workable solution until the right player is found. With Sturridge, Origi, Ings and Firmino we have enough strikers because Klopp prefers single striker systems. One more could be added but that would be a bonus. When it comes to the lack of big name players being signed Klopp was always going to struggle due to the lack of European… Read more »

Does a 4-0 thrashing of Barca at Wembley suggest we can expect another season of yo-yo football from Klopp & his LFC team?! Obviously not too many are going to read too much of preseason results. It could be 1 of Barca off-days as they took care to avoid injury before their season kick-off whereas Liverpool looks certain to lose the service of Milner for the start of the EPL season next weekend.


I have to agree with RedUncle Ezzo,
Klopp will have us as ready as possible for the new season. The last thing i’m thinking about is winning the lge although i bet leicesters fans thought the same at the begining of last season, for me, as with the begining of every season, i’m only hoping for a CL spot, whether that be 4th, 3rd, 2nd or with the grace of god, 1st.
I say it at the start of every season, top4 is a must and i reckon we have a great chance this season.


Top 4 and a cup. It’s time we won some more silverware.


Indeed mate, a trophy would be very nice indeed but i feel a top4 finish is so much more important for the future of the club and for obvious reasons.

Have some faith EZ. The season hasn’t started yet but while pre-season has been far from perfect, we have alot to look forward to. I think Klopp’s signings have been very shrewd. GK Karius – We all know of Mignolet’s shortcomings. The keeper he’s signed is a young guy with a very bright future and I think he can be our No.1. CBs – Matip is a top CB and Klavan so far has shown he is very mature and a good backup. Midfielders – Grujic is a top talent and Wijnaldum adds much need pace in the middle. Mane – We all know what he’s capable off. He’s speed is going to add so much to the team and if he develops consistency then he’s going to easily justify that 30M plus price tag. The window isn’t over yet and I’m sure if we sell a few players then we’ll add one or two more. I think Danny Ings and Origi are going to surprise a few so I’m not too worried about Sturridge’s injury woes. The concern I have is the CB injuries we’ve suffered thus far. I was really hoping Gomez would have a full pre-season so… Read more »