I follow our new player signings and whom we are letting go with great intent and also what the other Top 6 are doing. Apart from Spurs and maybe Arsenal, I can tell you that the other top clubs are getting really great signing and if we only have Sadio Mane to show for, then I don’t know how we are going to improve our ranking from last season. Let’s just go through the clubs that can knock us out of the top 4 and see what they’ve done:


The club under Mourinho has made some of the biggest impact signings I’ve ever seen and this squad with Mou is a far cry from LVG and David Moyes.  Let’s just see what they can come up with for 2016/7:

Manager : Mourinho

GK: De Gea (one of the best GKs)

Midfield threat : Mkhirtayan, Rooney, Ikay Gundogan (still injured, probably will take some time to start)

Attacking threat: Ibrahimovic, Martial

Its scary to think what Mou can do with Ibrahimovic upfront (he already broke the Manure’s power records during his medical checkup). Add to that Rooney, Martial & Mkhirtayan and I’m already thinking they’re already up there in the top 4 even before the season starts.


Manager : Pep Guardiola

Midfield threat :

Attacking threat : Aguero, Nolito

Apart from being slightly mesmerized by Guardiola’s unveiling at  Man City on Youtube, I  am really concerned of Man City’s purchase of Nolito, one of Spain’s top striker or probably the top. I think this guy might score a lot of goals.  I think Pep will take time to settle into English football and I can’t see Man City seriously being top 4 contenders for Year 1 of Pep’s stay at Man City. You can see their slower, pacy, assured style under Pellegrini and they yet have to start building some pace in their football. I will be very interested to see how Pep Guardiola changes the current style to his tiki taka style of play.


I can’t help talk about Everton because they’ve got Koeman and they’ve got a new Iranian billionaire investor as their major shareholder only recently and will strengthen substantially. With a solid left back like Baines and a solid striker like Lukaku, Everton are looking to break the bank for a few top players to fill strategic positions in the team and will be very strong. Yes, I see them as  a top 4 threat and that worries me considering the recent times they have upstaged and got above Liverpool in the BPL. It was quite insightful to hear Unai Emery (Sevilla FC’s manager) say that he would love to be Everton mgr next season as he is considering of moving on from Sevilla and you know what Sevilla did to us.


I think with Sadio Mane on our side,  I don’t see us losing to Arsenal in our opening game and Arsene also have not strengthened significantly like Mourinho has done at Manure except for Granhit Xaka. With a rigid Arsene still at the helm, I expect Arsenal to be … Arsenal. That said, congratz to Ozil in a brilliant linkup play with Mario Gomez for Germany’s 1-1 draw against Italy (where they won 6-5 in the PK)  and Giroud for his brace in France’s 5-2 win against Iceland.


Leicester will be Leicester. A serious threat. And they didn’t win last season’s BPL by fluke. Not when it is in a league format. Vardy’s staying. It remains to  be seen which Leicester player leaves the club but if they keep their key players (Vardy, Mahrez, Ulloa, Kazaki), I see them as a toop 4 threat.


Stoke under Mark Hughes is always a danger to play and I hear they also have got the cash to get some good players in to further bolster the attacking football they are playing now under MH, quite a contrast from the robust defensive under their previous mgr.

Basically in summary for the 2016/7 season, with the new TV rights deal, I think the number of teams who have the ability to go into top 4 (not forgetting the remarkable Leicester fairy tale last season) has gone up from 4 teams a few years back to 6 years recently and for next season, I think adding  Leicester and maintaining Spurs and Arsenal, it will be eight (don’t forget Chelsea’s Antonio Conte).

So it doesn’t really augur well for Liverpool FC if our top signing appears to be only Sadio Mane at 34 million. Mou brought a new player into Manure for 30 million plus which does not include Ibrahimovic and they are still buying more at that kind of price.


Ok so where does that leave us ? First lets look at our potential next season team :

GK : Simon Mignolet / Karius

Clyne             Lovren  (pending Sakho)                   Matip             Gomez (Flanagan,Moreno, no please!)

Hendo     Emre

Coutinho(Lallana/Milner/Markovic)      Firminho    Mane

Sturridge (Balotelli / Danny Ings)

As I said in an earlier post, I would like to see Klopp go back to the tried and tested double striker combo with a ‘score more than you concede’ approach that Brendan successfully applied in our 2014 season which led to our 100-goals record.

Hence if we could have a twin  combo of Mane-Sturridge, it would be good but I see Mane as having a burst of pace so it perhaps would be better starting him behind the strikers and probably at right wing where he scores most. Maybe Firminho – Sturridge combo would be good because Firminho is very intelligent and deadly the higher up he is. Anyway, Klopp like Mourinho plays with 1 striker so I’m not pinning my hopes up. So far our transfers hasn’t really excited me like what Manure and Mourinho have done and I’m more worried whether we are up to it with Manure, Man City, Everton, Chelsea having new top managers and access to big funding and with a new top 4 rookie in Leicester City. Would love to hear your thought, thanks.


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Frankly talking am not surprised ,all new managers wanted to bring new faces to built their new teams and with names as Mou,Pep,Conte they are managers who need big name players to built competitive teams which is different with Ranieri,Koeman,Klopp who like to make unknown level players becomes big players. 2nd ,to bring world class players there are many factors included and for us this season apart our world known club and famous manager we have nothing else to proposed so let Klopp manage and do with what he have and if possible bring players he wanted. Kloppo had known the EPL better now and with his intelligent and way of working am sure he will do better than last season <>.


That’s a very helpful summary of the transfer situation so far but we must remember there is still another 8 weeks or so for clubs to sign new players. I would be happy with our current squad if only we could add a top class left back. We would also need a left sided centre back if Sakho gets a long suspension. I think the our improvement in 2016/7 will come as much from Klopp and his new backroom staff being able to work with the players both in pre-season and during the season without the distraction of the Europa League, as from new signings.

By the way you forgot to include Origi among our strikers. I’m hoping for big things from him in the coming season.


You omitted Origi from our strikers. I think he and Sturridge along with Mane up front and Can anchoring and Coutinho/Firmino in support, or Can/Hendo behind Coutinho (depending on 1-2 or 2-1 midfield) will be pretty salty.
Then Milner, Lallana, Grucij and Markovic to rotate along with Ibe.
Looking at others, I don’t think Batshiyui (******* will be my name for him) will be much for Chelsea and I can’t see why he played before Origi in Euros. Granit Xhaka was absolutely owned by Allen. Giroud is gonna get some rest and so will Sanchez after their summer cup runs. And I’m hoping Spurs have a major confidence drop at the start after their players sucked in Euros.


I also think Pep is overrated. Consistent underperformance with Bayern over his time there. Always managing in a one or two team league. He’s about to get a wake up call. And I laugh at rumours linking Suarez to City because his agent is Peps brother. Can anyone see Luis living in Manchester?!?! He’s repeatedly said he’d never go anywhere but LFC if he returned to PL.


I laughed at that report, suarez will never play in england again never mind for another prem club, he’ll see out his career at barca, 100% certain of that.


Maybe the title should read…
Are the other clubs ready to take on LFC?


As has already been said, we’ve still got months of transfer window left so I wouldn’t start panicking just yet. In any case, I wouldn’t want a large turnover of players, whenever we’ve done that in the past we’ve always taken half a season to start playing like a proper team again. Klopp seems to have systematically reinforced the weak areas first before bringing in enhancement signings, like Mane, which is the best way to go about things. Don’t forget, we don’t have any European football with which to tempt the bigger names so it may be the case that for this season we may have to rely mainly on the squad we already have.


Ikay Gundogan has gone to Man City and he is not fully fit, he won’t make an impact until October I guess, Klopp does not need big names, he wants players who are willing to train hard and gel with team, hence players like Dahoud and Zielenski are associated, we need an LB, CB and box to box mid fielder, I think we have enough strikers even if we are buying a striker, we have to offload Benteke and Ballo.