I’m sure we were all frustrated by Benteke’s finishing, or rather lack of it last night.  He hasn’t scored since Sunderland away despite loads of chances.  Clearly his confidence in front of goal is very low and he’s going through one of those spells that most strikers endure at some stage of their career.  He had a similar spell with Villa at the start of last season but then went on a goal a game spree in the second half of the season.  It wouldn’t be so bad if he had been contributing to the team in the way that Heskey used to but all too often he hasn’t seemed to be on the same wavelength as his team mates.

Despite the above and despite his misses last night, for the first time since he arrived at Anfield I could see, especially after the substitutions, a role he could play in the team.  I thought the link up play between him and Sturridge was very promising especially considering they have only played, I think, 45 minutes together previously.  Benteke’s physical presence was creating a foil for Sturridge who to my mind is much more dangerous playing with a partner than as a lone striker.  Whether Benteke can be that partner long term remains to be seen – obviously he will have to regain his scoring touch, but I think he will find it easier to score himself once Sturridge is banging them in.  That would lift some of the weight from his shoulders.  So I for one am not writing Benteke off just yet though of course he has a lot to prove over the rest of the season.


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