Just a quick message to let you know BR is on Goals On Sunday, this Sunday. No doubt he will be asked a few questions


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Cheers for the heads up hammo, didn’t know about this, will be very interesting to hear what he has to say about his time at LFC and his sacking, will deffo be tuning into this. 😎 😎

Jamie (admin)

Thanks for the heads up. He’s been well off the radar so it will be very interesting to hear his thoughts.


Be interesting, I personally liked him, he had a system which he worked to, but make some very indifferent decisions at times. He seemed to remove any players whom were there under kenny may be just me.


Nah I think it’s just you. Like you I was a BR fan, I liked the style of football he had us playing but when Suarez left he sort of ran out of ideas. In actual fact his results at the start of the season weren’t as bad as some would like to believe, and I do believe if Klopp hadn’t become available BR would possibly still be here, although in what shape it’s hard to tell. I have no hard feelings against BR, I thought he did the best he could and always had the club at heart.


BR has given us some really good matches and took us close to the title, but he needs someone like Suarez or a fit Sturridge all the time and LFC and BR himself took a long time to realize that, hence Klopp happened , he is good coach but will he leave a system, a style of play, a legacy for the club to follow I doubt it… Klopp has already started it but I am sure Klopp will not follow the Dortmund Blueprint completely, he is already developing something new with LFC, I will comment on that probably at the end of season… 😛