• I certainly don’t want to go into the politics of it all but with the UK exiting the EU, would that mean English teams would be disqualified from competing in the Euros, Europa and CL?


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Don’t worry, those competitions are not organised by the EU, but rather the footballing governing bodies in the region. That is why you see Non-EU countries, and clubs from within them, competing, for example Switzerland and Basel. However, the EU exit could well have an impact on Liverpool’s transfer activities (I’m about to post something about this).

Jamie (admin)

It shouldn’t make any difference no. The only potential problem is going to be work permits. Signing European players will come under the same restrictions as say South American players and we may see some deals fall through when a work permit is refused.

It’ll probably be 2-3 years before the exit is negotiated anyway so no immediate cause for concern.

Jamie (admin)

Check out RedUncle’s post, it’s gives ll you need to know in great detail.


The only “European (CL/EL) issues I foresee is when Cup Finals are held in England, or an English team plays in one on the continent.
I believe they get paid prize money for winning (& runner-up?) for those Finals.
So there could be a potential tax issue involved for a player being paid in a situation like that?????