At the end of today’s game blog I mentioned a player  or two needs to go (specifically Moreno). I was thinking of holding off on a blog on who should stay and who should go. But Carra didn’t wait, and he was very clear who he thought wasn’t up to standard. Here’s the repoet of what Carra said to Sky:

The left-back has to come out of the team. This is not a one-off today in terms of the goal.

The goalkeeper has made some outstanding saves today, but just because you make some outstanding saves doesn’t mean you should be allowed to concede a goal like that. And that is not just today.


Carra says times up for Moreno and MIgnolet. I’m guessing there isn’t much argument around here or out there.


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I agree with Moreno.
I like him playing against sides, where he has no equal oponent, but his delivery and back tracking is not on high level.
maybe to use him as a midfielder, and Flanno as LB?
still I think Moreno might be a very good player, but has to change his game reading.
Mignolet is a good shot stopper in most times, but is missing something to be a class goalkeeper.
his blunder costed us maybe better result, as it changed the minds I think.

despite all these, we need to congratulate City to lift the trophy, as with respect to our players, we could have been down 3-0 in 70th minite. thanks to luck and heart we made it to penalties.
our first shot on target came in 83rd minute and it was the equlasier, so no complaints lads.


Overall, Mig has more positives than negs and NOBODY matches his shotstopping ability. But sometimes I do compare Reina with Mignolet…
Moreno, I did say he has to go but then on second thoughts, playing him as a midfielder could yield results so I would try him there first. Seeing his abilities I think he could excel as a midfielder.
But Firminho…I think he slows the game down. I would prefer somebody more explosive…more attacking partnering Count as he plays a slow short passing game too and we don’t want BOTH Firm and Count doing that at midfield. Maybe Xherdan Shaqiri…?
And oh yes…I hope we land Chicarito this summer! Yes!


Shaqiri, I don’t think Stoke will let him go, besides he has less pressure at stoke, Chicarito I don’t know, he is enjoying great success at Bundesliga and he is a hero there, I don’t know if he is willing to take that challenge of premier league again unless he hates Man U so much that he wants to come back and stick it to them by playing with arch rivals 😛

I think going by the Klopp’s appointments and the rumors, it is getting clear that he is only looking for players who are very natural and comfortable playing their positions and has the right attitude to be a part of long project.

People(my manacs and chelski friends) are saying that lfc will not qualify for CL hence landing Goetze will not be a possibility, I don’t think Goetze will make a decision based on that because he would have recovered well from the injury by the end of the season and since he wants join the English league he will be more comfortable with Klopp and wants to just settle in the English League for starters.


It’s looking like Goetze will have to choose between Liverpool and Juventus, in other words almost guaranteed silverware or joining his old manager and embarking on another exciting journey as at Dortmund (we hope!)


Everyone going on about full backs but we have clyne, flano and Gomez, so need one more to give us a full set, and Gomez can play CB also so good cover if need it. Need a couple of CBs and keeper replace Big Ben, and we are up and running.


Clyne, Flanno and Gomez are all right footed and although all can play on the left it’s not ideal. So I would look for a left back in the summer as a priority.