Kind of torn on the Man City vs PSG game.  Two of the biggest moneybags in the game trying to buy their way to glory.  It would help the PL coefficient some I imagine if City could advance, and the way we’ve been as a league in the CL the last few seasons, we could use the help.

Also City could use another round of CL as a distraction from the PL Top 4 chase.

I know many hate him, but I love a character and a big personality and it’d be interesting to see if Zlatan could advance to the next round and take on a Spanish or German team.


Do you think Wolfsburg lost any ‘awe’ factor they may have had before they played Real Madrid in the first leg after seeing this photo a few days earlier?


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And they might not be the 4th placed team at the end of the season. Fingers crossed it will be us. Unlikely though it is.


You never know, any thing is possible


This is exactly why I prefer Messi over CR7, look at him advertising his Briefs , sorry people I just hate this entire team except Bale , Kroos and Jesse Rodriguez ….