My sincere respect to the families and fans who fought for the truth for 26 years. Every word of the YNWA anthem outside the courtroom after the verdict must have felt like knives into the hearts of authorities involved. But, most importantly there was closure.

We always knew, but now its official 96 of us were made helpless victims. The question still remains WHY?

Was our success so despised that people were allowed to be trampled? Was our passion so annoying for help to be delayed? Was our support for the club so unrivaled for it to be tarnished in such a cruel way?

I hope none of the above is the cause. Because sports arenas in general should not become killing fields and support should not become obsessive. We as Liverpool fans proved it after so long that we know the difference.

We walk on from here, we showed the world once again Liverpool Football Club unites people and brings joy not misery.

Come Thursday we will sing once again in unity. We will become the force we were 26 years ago. We will walk on with pride from hereon. YNWA



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27 years misty 🙄 🙄