you may think I am crazy putting up come on West Ham, but I support two team every week Liverpool and the team playing the mancs. The way we are playing at the moment is very pleasing, knowing that we will become better and more consitant under Klopp. I am praying that we keep up this form going, and he as us ready and prepared for when the mancs come to anfield, with us giving them a lesson in how to play attacking football. As I though we were not three goals worse than them last time out. So come on boys lets sort this home form out and start playing like are away form. Let’s make anfield the fortress it used to be.


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The only time i back the dirt is when it’s of benefit to us and thankfully that’s a rare occurence as in backing that shower. We’ve won our last 2 at home but with poor performances which aint a bad sign really, win ugly and you should win playing beautiful so hopefully that’s the case on sunday. Keep up our away form and get our home form on the same level and we’re title contenders without a doubt 😀 😀


Yeah west ham can beat them, but it will be one hell of a boring game, both rely on defensive strategies and rely on goals that are not created but wait for the opposition to make a mistake, west ham is far worse than Chelsea when it comes to parking a bus. The good thing about this season is previous records, statistics cannot be considered to predict the results, can’t wait for manure bashing from us , hopefully our home form would have improved by then to kill them when they visit us.