His third hat trick in the last five games today over Granada gave el Pistolero the Pichichi (top Lal Liga goal scorer) with 40 league goals in his 35 games this season, and handed Barcelona their 24th La Liga and 8th in the last 12 years. 

Any doubts (by people who don’t watch or are clearly Man U puppets) that he is one of the top three players in the world should be removed. This following him scoring the winning goal in last year’s Copa deal Rey and Champions League Finals and he should righty be recognized as one of the top three, if not THE best player in the world at this point. Don’t forget that not only did he claim the Pichichi but before the match today he was joint top assist man in La Liga with Messi. Doubt you’d ever see Ronaldo do that. 

So a big congrats to Luis Suarez


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It’s been a sensational season for Luis. The way he forced his way out of Liverpool was questionable but you can’t deny that moving the Barca has been an amazing move for him.

His behaviour seems to have settled too, maybe he’ll start to get recognition as one of the worlds best.


Despite his antics when he was with us… He gave it all 110% when he wore the shirt. His hat trick was very nice to have seen yesterday and he deserved the top goalscorer award. We sold him off for peanuts that ended up as a bargain for Barcelona.


By far one of the greatest footballers ever to grace Anfield in the LFC jersey; pity we’re unable to match Suarez’s ambitions even when he gave 110% in the 2013-14 season…