So-o-o-o-o! Phew!!!!! We made it!!!!!! And once again, we did it the hard way. EXTRA TIME & PENALTIES!!!!!

For cryin’ out loud, when are the lads gonna stop putting us through the mill, like this??

Anyhoo, we’re through now. Ready to face the winners of the Blue & White Sh*te, or Man Sh*tty, on February 28th (that’s the PL derby foo-barred!!!). Personally, I’d take the Toffees, although we have shown that we’re capable of beating the New Monies.

The thing is, and this has been touched on by Koped49, Red Uncle & DB-99 on the Stoke match post stream, we’re at a 90,000 seater stadium. Yet, the finalists only get 31,000 seats each. This leaves 28,000, which either team would easily clear! Of those 28,000, though, about 8-10,000 are divvied up between the other 90 FL teams, who have taken part. The thing that gets me is that I don’t understand the allocation process. Apparently, a team knocked-out in the 1st round gets about 2 or 3 tickets, but I can’t see the likes of Manure, Chelski, & Arsenal settling for that many. Can you?

Then you’ve got the other 18-20,000!

Some of those will go to the ‘Wembley for Life’ mob, who bought themselves season tickets, when the new Wembley opened.

But, there can’t be that many of them!!

So, let’s just say for arguments sake, that there’s about 5,000 of them.

That leaves 13-15000 tickets going to ‘Sponsors’! The brown nose, sh*t-eating types who have no affiliation  to either team, and they’re just there for the free ride!!

How is this fair?

It isn’t! It’s just b*llsh*t!!!!


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Its very wrong but it was even worse in the past. Back in 65 when Liverpool played Leeds the supporters only got 18,000 tickets and Wembley held 100,000. That didn’t stop 50,000 Koppites cheering on the team but most like me had to pay over the odds – almost half a years pocket money in my case, but it was worth it.


You said it all muso, 31.000 seats each is a joke, corperate b*llsh*t strikes again.


Wembley holds about what 90,000 people… divide it by 2 teams 45,000 each. As you have put it straight corporate b*llsh*t strikes again. but who the **** gets the left over tickets? it’s all horse manure to me and disgusting at the end of the day


It’s a poison that’s spread throughout all popular sports, not just football. Think back to the Olympics with the near-empty athletic stadium, most of those empty seats were held by corporations. It would be argued by some that without the investment from the corporations the stadiums don’t get built but the cost of that is seats going to people with no affiliation with the sport, or even the seats lying empty. If the corporations are to be given seats it should be a much lower percentage.


Agreed mate, same thing happens in IPL here in India, Although cricket is gradually loosing it is charm, youngsters here are beginning to follow football and other sports, I personally think IPL ruined the cricket I use to love, I know you guys would hate me for this…. my favorite team was Steve Waugh’s Australian Team of course after the Indian Team… 😛


Good to hear your opinion Muso lad, PS I hope you get your normal ticket, will be good to get back to Anfield South & bring a Silver Pot home