Liverpool with its 2016-17 season free of European football distractions, should in theory be able to emulate what Leicester did without having to suffer exhausting mid-week forays into far-away East European/Siberian locations and hoping to be sharp and fresh for Sunday or Monday EPL games. Some football pundits have drawn parallels with what Liverpool achieved 3 seasons ago finishing just 2 points behind City in the League. This time around however we no longer have prolific game changers like Suarez or a midfield dynamo like Gerrard.  Only by fighting tooth and nail for every point in every game will LFC be able to stay in close contention for top four. If pre-season is anything to go by where our lads only rose to the occasion by beating the big boys like Barca and Man City (twice last season) and then succumbing sheepishly to the likes of Mainz 0-4 or surrendering all 6 points to the likes of Crystal Palace last season, then we know why the league title has been missing from Liverpool’s trophy cabinet for the last 25 years. The squad is now more or less Klopp’s rather than Roger’s leftovers and we’ll soon see if he’s got what it takes to launch a real title bid!! 🙂


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That’s the problem we have, we haven’t got a prolific goalscorer or a midfielder in the mould of gerrard, having said that, i am hopeful that the likes of Origi, Can, Ings, Coutinho, Firmino, Mane, studge and one or two other’s can all have big season’s and only then will we have a chance of winning the lge, otherwise a top4 finish has to be the goal. No european football will definitely help, too what extent only time will tell but i am hopeful for a good season.


It’s true we seem to rise to the occasion against the big teams and falter against the lesser ones. To be honest I am more worried about our visit to Burnley than Sunday’s game at the Emirates. It will be difficult to better some of our outstanding performances last season but where we can improve is in our consistency. The lack of European football should be helpful here providing time to work on the training ground and keeping players fresher.

I’m not sure what we can achieve this season to be honest. I expect an improvement on last but there again all our rivals have strengthened bar possibly Arsenal. My worry is that you are only as strong as your weakest link and our weakest link is left-back.

I agree with Huytonian, this season is a difficult one to predict. Although we haven’t got a big superstar player in the squad we have got a generally stronger squad throughout, apart from at left back. In theory, looking at our new squad, we should have goals coming from a wider variety of players but that will only happen if more players get forward and not the same few. It’s the defence, though, that leaves me feeling a bit unsure. As of yet it doesn’t feel like a tight unit, what with personnel changes, injuries and underperforming players, I just wonder whether we’ll have the same situation we had three seasons ago where we had no problem scoring goals but we couldn’t keep them out either. On a more positive note, I like the tone Klopp is setting by saying this is now his squad and there are no excuses for not doing well. The players have to feel a sense of responsibility and that their destiny is in their own hands – they’ll only win if they make it happen. In the past we’ve been a little too eager to blame external factors for our failings but it’s not… Read more »

I think we can pull a Leicester, it seems that we have issues with our defenders this time, LB is not completely sorted out , centre halves, Lovren and Klavan need back up , hope Sakho and Matip can get match fit soon, I have no issues with goals, goals will come that’s how it is set up, once the team starts understanding each other, hopefully Ings will find form, Orgi looks better as everyday passes, Sturridge needs to get fitter and play atleast 20 – 25 games this season, that will definitely secure us fourth position, as of now by the looks of team’s shape and fitness, we have to score more goals than the opposition, there’s no away we are going to defend a single goal advantage for more than 20 or 30 mins, get that early goal, counter them again get a 2 goal advantage and then play around that’s the only way we can win, unless our defending becomes completely reliable…