I see Philip Coutinho’s agent is starting to unsettle the count with his  he wants away from Liverpool. statements to the press. Like suarez it seems he always wanted to play in Spain for Barca or Real. The same mantra every agent trots out when their client is getting great reports. Now a french newspaper is quoted as saying PSG have been quoted £75 by LFC if they want to sign the count. Now dont get me wrong he is playing out of his skin, but that is just as much to do with spaces Adam lallana, Roberto Firmino and Sadio mane make for him with their constant position changing and runs off the ball.

Will these players never learn that these agents see them as cash cows only and unsettling them is just away to increase their fees every couple of years. I hope for all concerned that Coutinho is strong enough to resist their machinations. At Liverpool he is the  big fish in the little pond, almost guaranteed a spot in the starting 11 every week, we have all seen what has happened to similar players who went the barca Madrid route and failed to nail down a starting berth.


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Howya phil, sorry we missed each other in liverpool last week, i sent you a message about the plans to meet up, did you not get it???
Any of our players would be crazy to abandon this ship as it’s very clear that something special is happening under klopp. I would be shocked if he left, he’s only 24, i think and has plenty of time on his hands, he should stay, win everything with us over the next few years and then bugger off too wherever he wants, big mistake to leave now imo.


If he wants to leave, we had better start planning on getting a replacement that is just a little more consistent and hopefully achieve an upgrade (of sorts) for the Count. The chemistry he has developed with Sturridge, Firmino, Lallana, and Origi cannot be easily replaced and he will be sorely missed. Really, if his agent is floating rumors around, you can be sure that the Count has approved his machinations – no greedy agent is going to miss out on a possible huge payday with loose lips.


Klopp would fight tooth and nail to retain Coutinho, for the near future at least. Coutinho is the element around which the other attacking players operate, he is too important to Klopp’s system to be lost easily. Personally, I don’t believe Coutinho has a desire to leave any time soon, he’s struck up a close relationship, both on and off the field, with his fellow countryman Firmino and the players he socialises with are a pretty tight unit. The only caveat to that is if the Spanish giants start making ridiculous offers that neither the player or club will find hard to refuse.


Typical of agents to try and engineer moves and earn a big cut in commissions. However Couts is a realist who knows his place having been overlooked by club (remember Inter?) and country before Liverpool gave him the opportunities to shine. He knows his future and medal-winning career is with LFC, instead of ending up warming benches elsewhere…


he will remember his time at Inter..and what LFC did for his career..