Dutch and Ahax and Barcelona legend Johan Cruyff passed away in Barcelona at age 68 on March 24 after a battle with lung cancer.


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Apologies for duplicating your blog Kloppite. I was writing mine as you were posting yours. A great player and by all accounts a decent man. Ironic that the same news programme I was listening to mentioned both Cruyff’s passing and Adam Johnson’s sentence. The good and the bad of the beautiful game.


The sad passing of the great “Total Football” legend! A Dutch footballing maestro who has great international success and contributions as player and coach across several European leagues.


When I was a kid the pinnacle of footballing excellence was being able to do a ‘Cruyff Turn’. Needless to say I ended up in a heap more often than not but no other European player from that era personified technical prowess quite like Cruyff. He famously said you play football with your brain and then you use your feet, a sentiment which is so right and yet it’s amazing how many footballers today still don’t quite understand it. The modern game owes him more than it probably recognises. RIP


Respect to a great player and a great coach RIP