With Benteke misfiring, Ings and Origi out and Firmino as our make shift forward and the situation with Daniel Sturridge really puts us in bad situation.  With almost every club in the league clamouring for strikers, we have 5 but are struggling to keep them fit and firing.  Really cruel and ironic I would say.  Recently Brendan has been popping up and doing interviews.  He’s maintained that Daniel Sturridge is a worldclass talent and you look at Daniel’s stats, the goals he’s scored, the consistency of his performances when he does play and you’d have to say that there is truth in those words that he’s certainly an ace in the squad.  His struggles with fitness is both tragic and frustrating and it looks like Klopp is getting frustrated with him.  I don’t know if we’ll ever see him back.  Maybe a move away is not out of the question but Daniel has gone off the board, there’s been nothing on social media and Klopp seems unwilling to disclose the problems he’s having whether it’s muscular strains or just pain but rumours are flying around that Daniel doesn’t play through pain.  It’s useless to speculate but for me, it’s frustrating that we have a team of players that’s primed and perfect for Daniel’s style of play but he can’t play.  What I’m hoping for is that the medical team is working on building his strength and helping gain confidence and trust in his body and in a few weeks or months Daniel comes back stronger than ever and goes on a injury free run of months.


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If I am making top 10 football mysteries , Daniel Sturridge is definitely making the list …..

How is he consistently picking injuries when he is not playing…. I am sure Klopp is not putting him through some insane training sessions …. besides the team and coaching staff don’t have enough time to train , we are playing every 4 days…..

If it is just physical issues, I feel really sorry for the Guy …. otherwise hope this mystery and misery ends in the summer window….


Considering the guy is on 150grand a week it’s a shocking situation really. Some believe he has a low pain threshold and refuses to play through the pain barrier which is possible but i believe his injury history plays on his mind and that it’s all a psycological thing with him as in he feels a twinge and that’s it, he won’t play for fear of doing more damage, pretty much the same thing i suppose. He will be back this season and no doubt he’ll score goals but can we persevere with him season after season like this, i’m 50-50 on that, i’ll be happy if he stays but won’t be upset if he goes. Certainly klopp looks like he can’t get his head around the whole situation, i feel if a half decent offer comes in for him in the summer than klopp and fsg will agree to sell, klopp because he can’t rely on him and fsg because they won’t want to carry on paying a player 150grand a week who spends so much time in the treatment room and who could blame them really.


Don’t hold your breath guys I don’t think Sturridge will ever play for Liverpool again. So sad


From what I’ve read Klopp has said to Sturridge that he has to complete a stipulated period of persistent training without injury before he’ll be allowed back in the squad. That’s what seems to be taking the time, Klopp won’t risk him until he’s seen him complete a prolonged period of training without breaking down. To Klopp it’s not just a case of Sturridge proving that he’s fit, it’s a case of showing he can stay fit.


Just a tweak during training and Studge is off for another 3 to 4 months! We can just imagine Klopp’s frustration. Just to add insult to injury, the likes of Vardy, Riyad Mahrez, Arnautovic and Odion Ighalo are netting regularly for much less than 30K a week!


I’ve just read Sturridge returns to training Wednesday. If as Klopp says he must train without breaking down for 10 days before he can play we are talking not this Saturday but the following. That’s assuming he doesn’t break down again which is probably a better than 50:50 bet.


Why risk him with where we are at in the table? This season is a free pass for Klopp in my estimation. As much as Rodgers is popping up with his input everywhere, most of it revisionist history to some extent (but that’s a different topic) let’s not forget that we sucked to start the season and threw away our chances early. If the PL wasn’t so dreadful we wouldn’t still Harbour dreams of top 4.
So why waste him now? Klopp is getting a good look at the whole squad, especially the youngsters. Save Sturridge for next year. Nobody is going to buy him for what we’d want with his salary and length of remaining contract this summer anyway.
Who I really wish he could see is Ings, who was coming on with goals and who seems like the all-out pressing/harassing player Klopp will like.


The unpredictability of the league is not letting any managers from top 6 top 10 decide on a target in the table, so risking Studdge is not a good idea, preserving him has become inevitable , if he can get some game time before the cup final and play in the cup final as well, that would be great , if he can play in the crucial Europa league matches , it will be an added bonus….

If we are not getting top 4 , I don’t to want to play Europa league next season , loads of travelling ,****** pitches….. more injuries …. please god no Europa next season……


I said wait until Daniel has a chance to play under Klopp before we dismiss him. It’s been 2 months and he hasn’t featured yet so I suppose we have an answer. IMO Daniel will not be a Red next year. When he plays he is terrific but he DOESN’T play He is just not reliable and should be traded.


Think we need to trust, Klopp in this matter as he will either get him playing or he will move him on.