An emphatic 4-1 pre-season friendly result in China sees Dortmund drubbing the devils. And this is from a team which Liverpool knocked out in the Europa Cup 4-3 in a dramatic quarterfinal. So it goes to show how much re-building work new gaffer Mour will have to engage in to prepare for the new season. Hopefully, Klopp can quickly get the key players he wants in the next few weeks and settle on preparing his team for the domestic challenges of the new season without any European distractions!


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And Manures only goal, from a player they just bought off Dortmund. Guess they need to buy 3-4 more Dortmund players to replace the utter **** they have


Love it when they get beaten, especialy like that, please god it’s a sign of things to come for them next season.


Don’t we all love it, but I don’t think the United team that starts the season will resemble the one that played Dortmund. If they get Pogba in addition to Ibrahimovic they will be a force to be reckoned with.


I really love Dortmund! Too bad it counts for nothing but an embarrassment for Jose. Their training will pick up now. Saw the last half of the game – not many first teamers on the pitch. Ergo, what does it mean- nothing!