well I can’t believe it wasn’t a dream I had last night, two nil down in nine minutes, ha two one are we on our way back, no three, one what’s goining on, it seems like all our sfforts in the first leg was going down the pan. Where is stevie G when you need him, hello up pops the count with a great goal, he turns to the stands and gets the fans dancing and singing, it’s now three, two, we are now maki g a fist of it. One off our unlikely heroes sticks his head on the ball and glides it into the net, Sakho its three all, my mouth wide open, I’m in a daze just come round in time to see the other CB hero stick the ball in the back of the net, four , three, am I dreaming or not, it seems not as I woke this morning and all the media are writing, talking of the greatest European night at Anfield, what a night, well it surely turn out to be a night that the players, the staff the fans can tell there children and grand children of, for year to come, so thank you LFC for making my dream come true.


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Now we can all dream of silverware!! Great night of performance for LFC. For a team used to be on the receiving end of set pieces, it’s nice to dish out nice set pieces to one of the visiting favorites for the Europa Cup!! 🙂