I know not all Kopfans are England supporters but I think everyone will have an interest in the England team as 5 Liverpool players are in the squad.  England did well in qualifying with 100% record but it was a very weak group apart from Switzerland.  The young players who have come in over qualifying particularly Alli, Dier and Kane have done well but I feel we have a lack of players at their peak and I can’t see us progressing beyond the quarter finals.  We also have Roy Hodgson in charge in whom I have little faith.

The main problems as I see it are twofold – too little strength in defence especially central defence and too many options in attacking areas.  None of our central defenders fill me with confidence.  Smalling can defend but he can’t distribute.  Stones can distribute but he can’t defend.  Cahill can’t do either very well but he is decent in the air.

I thought the Portugal warm up game was very revealing.  Playing Kane and Vardy wide with Rooney in the middle in a sort of muddled 4-3-3-/Diamond 4-4-2 didn’t work.  You have to go with one striker (Kane) and play him to his strengths down the middle.  Also Hodgson tried to accommodate both Alli and Rooney when clearly they both want to play just behind the main striker.  You can’t accommodate they  both without distorting the formation.

So my team for the opening match would be a 4-2-3-1

Hart:  Clyne, Cahill, Smalling , Rose: Henderson, Dier, Lallana, Rooney, Sterling: Kane

I don’t know much about Russia except that two of their key players are out injured.  They are usually a good technical team and will be no pushover.

I hope I’m wrong and England progress beyond the quarter finals but I’m afraid we are in for yet another disappointment.


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Sterling in before Vardy???? Am I missing something?

My thoughts are this, if Rooney is played because Woy doesn’t have the cajones to sit a player who clearly isn’t the best man for the job (or a couple others) just because he is Rooney, and the captain and etc etc, Emgland are out in the quarterfinals.
If Rooney sits next to Hodgson on the bench and Vardy and Kane can counter attack there’s a chance to get to the Finals.
So enjoy your early holiday lads because I know what Roy will do

Not an England Supporter but England should have won the game in the first half against Russia. It wasn’t a bad game compare to some people think it is and England were impressive with the possession but couldn’t finish off the chances they had but that’s football (as Klopp would had said). Kane taking corners was a very bizarre decision especially he’s a striker and should have been in the box to head into the net instead of corner kicks. If there wasn’t a corner kick specialist on the first 11 in last night’s game… they should have adopted the short corner approach instead and may have given Kane or any other striker a chance to score. Hodgson got he tactics almost 100% correct with the starting 11 and got it wrong when he replaced Rooney with Wiltshire and bought on Milner too late to replace Sterling who suffered with the final passes throughout the game. Vardy should have been given a place in the starting 11 because he has the pace. The result isn’t bad but it feels like a defeat for England when they leaked the equalizer in the remaining moments of addition time. The worst part is… Read more »

I’m hoping all English fans learn from the painful lessons of the mid 80’s to 1990 when English clubs were banned from playing in Europe. It’s indeed very disappointing to see ugly scenes of rival fans fighting it out in the streets when we should be letting our football do the talking instead of shouting and hurling objects. For LFC fans, fines in the aftermath of the MU & Seville games should serve as strong reminders of our not so commendable past fan behaviour!!