England’s Euro exit entices excited ebullience and exuberance emitted from Iceland. 

Hodgsons heroes humiliate, hubris…humbled.

At least as far as I know Sturridge didn’t come away injured, so that’s a relief.

And no other LFC player should come away near as tarnished as their compatriots.  How does Wilshere get even a call up, much less inserted ahead of Milner with the second half of the season he had?

What I’m hoping comes out of this is the decline of the tremendous flops that were Kane, Alli, Rooney (which I think already began), Wilshere, Dier and Vardy. 

I’m not even gonna touch on the pathetic tactics or lack thereof, and stupid things like Kane taking set pieces. 

I’m just glad the lads can go on holiday earlier so they can get back and join Klopp’s preseason sooner  


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You’re last sentence says it all mate, sod everything else, our players are back, un-injured and with a full pre-season ahead of them, perfect.


This idea that all England players are ****, which comes up after every defeat, is a load of rubbish, particularly this time. In the Premier League they are playing along the same foreigners who are in the quarterfinals of the Euros, if the English players were that **** they’d be found out every weekend. The Iceland game highlighted the problem exactly – we had not prepared well enough tactically and the players lost confidence when they realised they couldn’t break Iceland down. That then led to our players becoming distracted (overhitting passes, bad first touches etc), no doubt they were envisioning, while playing, the mauling they were going to get in the media afterwards. England players live in a world where they are built and then torn down on a regular basis, sometimes with justification, sometimes not. This has instilled a fear in our players that switches on when pressure reaches a certain level. This time around, the tactics were so inept we saw some of the Premier League’s best players reduced to bumbling idiots, the fact so many fell apart shows the management must take much of the blame.