It seems as if Southampton has called a halt to us treating them like a willing feeder club,  Their admin has asked the PL to investigate Klopp for “illegal approach”.  This is a somewhat harsh reaction to VvD declaring his desire to move to Liverpool since we are supposed to have such a good relationship with them.  The illegal approach (consisting of LFC talking to his people to agree on salary and possibly including a call from JK to VvD) has been in the open and reported by all the usual sources on transfers.  What illegality occurred is up to the FA to determine, but I was somewhat taken aback by the accusation.  Why take such a drastic action when a phone call detailing a firm ‘No’ would have normally sufficed?  Instead of paying Southampton ridiculous prices for players they discovered and developed, why don’t we copy them and do our own scouting and development?  Coupled with the Salah/Roma situation, it now appears that this is going to be a messy (and possibly unsatisfying) summer transfer window.


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Liverpool have just dropped their interest in VvD and apologized to Southampton.


It’s unbelievable really but are we really that surprised, a lot of conspiracy theories doing the round, i put it down to complete incompetence on behalf of LFC. City got their first signing done with zero drama but aw no, LFC have to go and **** thing’s up, watch us lose out on salah next.