They’re here at last!  I’m not a great fan of present day International Football but at least there will be some competitive games to fill the footy void during this close season.  I thought I would post two blogs threads, one on the Euros in genreal (this one) and a specific one on England at the Euros.

First of all a general comment – I don’t like the extended format that Platini brought in.  It means the group stage is less competitive than it should be with some of the 3rd place teams going through.

Who do I see as teams that can win the competition?  France are the hosts and have a strong team so will be favourites but there are a lot of expectations on the hosts and that could play against them.  Spain have been strong in recent seasons but seem to be in a bit of a transition at the moment.  Italy will be hard to beat but will they have enough firepower to win it?  Belgium have the players to win it but are they the new Holland who usually flatter to deceive?  I’m going for Germany.  Ok they have had a few changes since they won the World Cup and we beat them in Germany recently in a friendly but they know how to win tournaments.

One of the fun things about watching these tournaments is trying to spot players who would make a good signing for Liverpool.  To be honest though, a few good performances at a tournament does not necessarily translate into a player suitable for the Reds.  Does anyone remember Torben Piknick?

So lets us know who you think will win the Euros, who you expect the star players to be and lets have a discussion on the  issues raised during the course of the tournament.  My final hope is that the terrorists stay away and everyone who sets out to follow their country gets home safely.


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I think France has a shot because they have a mix of styles up front scoring, with Giroud and the speed of Griezman and Payet. Loris gives them a chance too.

Germany is solid, but with no Lahn who captained them in Brazil, how will they do? I absolutely love Müller, but is he enough up front to win it all? Neuer is absolute class so that is part of my cup-winning formula.

Belgium has some star power, but what I don’t see is anyone with that killer instinct who can take over a game and lift them to glory.

I’ll talk Emgland in your related blog about them.

Italy is always tough as a collection, which they will need to be because it’s tough to name any players for them that can impress.

And on to Spain. I hope DeGea has a great cup and Perez has to spend money to bring him to Real. And with the way Iniesta is playing they may just have the magic in the midfield and can score just enough, that I have them as my slight favorited to win it all.


The games I have seen so far are France vs Romania, Slovakia vs Wales, England vs Russia. Today and Tonight’s games I should watch are Poland vs Northern Ireland, and Germany vs Ukraine.