First of all, well done Reds. A healthy 2-0 first leg lead to bring to OT with no conceded away goals. We just need to hold them at OT or score an away goal and I think JOB DONE. So I want to talk about our Europa matches AFTER Manure.

But before that, I was also following the Dortmund-Spurs game and saw Reus smashed it hard from close range high into the net whilst Lloris stood spellbound. Have we ever done any finishing like that? I compared it to Coutinho’s weak slide of the ball that was during our Manure Europa game. Count thought it was enough to get it past De Gea which it wasn’t and the comparison led me to think we have to be more ruthless in our finishing.

Villareal, Sevilla – the other 2 Spanish contenders all did well to get wins in their first leg but I think I see a Reds vs Dortmund EL final ? I’m quite surprised the press media hadn’t pop up the question to Klopp of how we would feel meeting up with his old club and Tuchel in the Europa League final ? Wow… food for thought!!! Anyway it would be interesting to see what the semifinals draw will be assuming Liverpool, Dortmund, Sevilla and Villareal made the last four?

On another note, did anyone realize that Luis Suarez popped up at his old club to watched his former team mates train during his holiday? Yup..he brought his two kids and the club made arrangements for Suarez and his kids to watch the team train with JK from Melwood’s canteen balcony. Afterwards he met them with Sakho posting a short video on Insta and then he went over to the Count’s house for a game of FIFA16. Guess which teams Suarez and Cou chose? (no prizes for the winner). Well, maybe Suarez could persuade his “friends” Messi and Neymar to come and play for Liverpool this summer? Ha ha ha

Finally, again to touch on our performance…we finally strung up a consistent winning streak of 3 games in a row and Firminho, Mignolet and Lallana showed their true footballing selves. Way to go! I noticed the consistency of Klopp putting on Joe Allen as sub in order to protect vital scorelines with Joe never disappointing him, and also Benteke coming up with another winner in the Crystal Palace game and I must come to the conclusion that these two should NOT be sold this summer.

I know we beat Man City convincingly in open football for a 3-0 win and we have been doing well against them whenever we play them but the games that I really scrutinize are the Crystal Palace ones and also Manure. CP and Manure have almost always got consistent wins against us this season and made us to look less commited and CP always go all-out for a win against us so I was hoping that we don’t do another inconsistency. Indeed throughout the match CP did look the better team and when we allowed them 3 chances to continuously shoot at goal and they scored, that summed up their commitment and our inability to lump the ball away. As JK said, CP are a great counter-attacking team and they always park the bus against us. It was a little bit of luck that Firminho was in the right place at the right time and I thought it was going to finish with a draw.

All I can say is I’m glad Benteke had other ideas and despite how much some fans think he should be moved on, fact is that Benteke is among our top scorers and he almost ALWAYS scores the vital match-winning goals.


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Musicman71 aka Muso

The fact of the matter is, that we played Manure Scum off the park. It was only DeGea that stopped it being a rugby score. BUT, we can’t get ahead of ourselves just yet. The jobs only half done. Yes, a 2-0 lead does give us a great advantage, and a brilliant opportunity to progress, at the expense of our most bitter rivals, but it is only half-time.


One goal at the old toilet, and it would mean they would have to score four times, and I don’t think we would throw that away. But will be a battle royal on their ***** heap. But think if we can replicate Thursday’s play we will be more than alright.


I’m just taking it one game at a time for now. Dreams are of next season


Spot on mate, our inconsistency has been horrific this season and therefor an air of caution is required. I do think we look to have turned a corner but we’ve seen that look before and been let down so let’s hope it’s for real this time.


I do think our inconsistencies have been caused by a lack of first team players available for any length of time. I don’t think it’s coincidence that we have not lost in 7games with 3 wins on the trot. I’m not worried about going to old toilet. We WILL score and that will be game over.


48.02 In case of repeated cautions:
a. before the group stage, a player is suspended for the next competition match
after three cautions in three different matches, as well as after the fifth
b. from the first match in the group stage, a player is suspended for the next
competition match after three cautions in three different matches, as well as
following any subsequent odd-numbered caution (fifth, seventh, ninth, etc.).
48.03 Single yellow cards and pending suspensions are always carried forward either to
the next stage of the competition or to another club competition in the current
48.04 Exceptionally, all yellow cards and pending yellow-card suspensions expire on
completion of the play-offs. They are not carried forward to the group stage. In
addition, all yellow cards expire on completion of the quarter-finals.
We should be ok if we get to the quarter final. This is a new rule started this season. If the Spanish ref wanted to he could easily have sent off the hair, so I doubt conspiracy was at play. Nice theory though.

Musicman71 aka Muso

I take it you’re referring to the Belgian Michael Jackson (just without the talent!)?!? 😈 😈