Shaktar Donetsk v Sevilla

Villarreal v Liverpool

Not too bad really, I would have preferred Seville as it’s only a few hours drive from me.

Does anyone know if it will be possible to get tickets for this game and how I go about it.


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Well Seville is programmed and trained to win Europa League, so it’s good that we have to play only one match if we make it to the finals and give our best in that one … plus we will get to see how good our Target is who is going to China… 😛


I’m so glad we didn’t get Shaktar, to travel to Ukraine and back at this stage in the season could’ve been a bit of a killer. Sevilla, with their recent history of winning the competition, know what to expect at this stage of the tournament so I wanted to avoid them if possible. All in all, on balance, I think Villarreal was probably the best opponent we could’ve got so I’m pleased.

Simply Red

Ja think we got a fair draw here. Let Sevilla do the travelllng


Fair draw; not too far for our traveling fans and quick recovery for our Sunday league games!