Here’s an article about transfer spending since 2010:

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Juventus, Roma and Inter are among the top 10 highest-spending clubs on the transfer market in Europe since 2010.

The Premier League shattered records to take the top three slots, followed by Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona, Liverpool and Real Madrid.

However, Juventus, Roma and Financial Fair Play-impaired Inter all splashed the cash too over the last six years.

According to data published by Osservatorio Calcistico Cies, Manchester City spent a remarkable €1,024m since 2010.

Money spent on transfers since 2010:

Manchester City: €1,024m

Chelsea: €871m

Manchester United: €841m

Paris Saint-Germain: €691m

Barcelona: €680m

Livet pool: €663m

Real Madrid: €644m

Juventus: €618m

Roma: €535m

Inter: €517m

Interesting to see our spending compared to teams who are regular quarter/semi/Finalists in the CL. 

What would be interesting would be to see net spending, how many players were bought (average spend per player), and how many players we still have. 

I think it is there that we would be found wanting.  Where others spend massive on a few “top” players I’d suspect we have bought a lot more players for less. And because of it we aren’t having as much success and are shipping them out the door when they aren’t elevating our results


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A healthy club used to be considered one that pays for its incoming players through the sale of its outgoing players – the club being self-sustaining. Now, however, supporters expect the club to pay large amounts out of its own coffers (or FSG’s) so that each transfer window the club’s sale figures are in the red. This is madness and can’t be sustained unless you’re an oil baron or an oligarch. If you haven’t got either of these, and we haven’t, there is no shame in breaking even on transfers, it’s sound financial sense. If we were to pay a lot on big names it’s not just the transfer fee that’s large, it’s the wages too. Big wages can drain the life out of a club over time. I actually think Liverpool got the balance regarding transfers pretty much right this time, they let all but the core players go and had they taken on more than they have there would be a number of players not getting a game.

Looking at net spend is probably the key to get the best idea of investment in the team. I think our summer sales are as a result of our overspending on **** players in previous seasons. It’s easy to get the wrong idea because we recouped most of Benteke’s transfer fee but we let Mario go for free. Markovic is gone on loan only. Lucas’ future was up in the air for a while. We spent 25M on Wijnaldum which is over the odds on a player who was in a team that got relegated. I think Mario Gotze went from Bayern to Dortmund for 25M which gives you an idea how much a premium english clubs have to pay to get players from within the league and outside as well. There’s holes in our squad that needs plugging but there’s players who can be sold still to supplement the incomings so there’s an opportunity to continue to balance the books. If we get CL football, I have the distinct feeling that we’ll attract a different level player and based on Klopp’s decisiveness with Wijnaldum and Mane, we can safely bet that he won’t hesitate in splashing the cash available… Read more »

Clever managers spend the amount they need to fulfill their needs and no more because there are so many factors and risks, known and unknown, involved in a transfer. People will argue that because Liverpool didn’t spend more than they made on transfers they’re not investing in the squad. It’s not true. Klopp spent as much as he needed to get the squad he needed and he did it intelligently, by signing relegated players and players on a free, for example. He also bought players fairly cheaply that he knew he could improve. In terms of attack we’re as strong as anyone in the league now, the figures prove that, our weak spot is the defence but that isn’t necessarily because we’ve got bad players, it’s more likely to be because we’ve got an unsettled back line and keeper due to players bedding in to their positions and some very unlucky injuries. There’s a realistic chance that when everything finally comes together we’ll have a stronger team than we’ve had in a number of years even though our transfer spending didn’t go into the red.