Looks like if we get past Exeter that we get West Ham in the next round.

Not to be negative but that is not a favorable style match up for us, as seen by them beating us twice in the league already.

For me, I focus on the League, the League Cup semifinal second leg especially considering we are that close to Wembley and in the driver seat in the tie, and then Europa League.

We played the youngsters already, give them their shot on stage at Anfield. If they prove themselves enough by beating Exeter, I’d let them have a shot at West Ham.


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Let’s look at it as a chance for revenge. Of course we’ve got to beat Exeter yet. I wouldn’t want to go into a game with the Hammers with too weak a team but hopefully we will have a few back from injury by then.


Ah well you have to play and defeat who you get in the draw if you want to progress, and normally I think the cup is different from the prem, as it’s a one off game, unless it goes to a replay. And we have the players to do a job on them if we get over our injuries, to allow enough players of the right calibrate, which will gives us a revengeful victory.