The FA are looking into bringing back reserve Leauge for premier  teams. They are looking to have reserve team Leauge which will follow the premier first team fixtures, allowing up to five under twenty one year old players into the team, this will give players who are up and coming competitive football, and allow the youngsters to develop. The age group team will be under 18teens and under 16teens. This seem like a progressive step forward, but in reality it is what used to be in force before the FA changed it to what it is now. The idea is that the reserve teams will play at the premier team main stadium, with cheap ticket so fans can watch their reserve teams, which will also generate extra income for teams. This would give clubs the opportunity to delvel players and have a idea system to enable players to regain fitness from injuries. All in all may be a step back in time but a real step forwards.


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I agree it’s a step forward or rather a step back to how things used to be. The only thing that worries me is if a team’s place in the reserve league depends not on how they perform but on how their first team performs. This could lead to some very uncompetitive games. You could have a situation where the top team in the reserve league goes down and the bottom team remains because of where their respective first teams finish. But the general idea of having up to 5 over 21 players (not sure if the goalkeeper is included in the 5) should make the football more competitive overall and will better prepare the youngsters for the rigours of the Premier League. Other positive ideas are to hold the games at the clubs’ stadiums. I don’t think it does the players any good playing on bumpy lower league grounds and it only encourages the physical rather than the technical players. The games would be free to young supporters and there would be prize money for successful teams. There would also be nationally televised Friday evening games. Incidentally I understand the U16s and U18’s would be replaced by U17s and… Read more »
Jamie (admin)

I’m glad they are finally having a serious look into this. Been talked about here for a few years now with all agreeing it makes sense.


It’s how La Liga operates, isn’t it? Time to plagiarize success