As much as Liverpool played one of the best opening season matches, the headlines are about the injuries their opposition had. Typical isn’t it.Diverting the fact from Liverpool intentions this season

I am not bothered much about what the press says of Liverpool, good or bad.Here are some facts suggesting market value do not make Champions.

Here’s what is going on around the world from true neutrals. Interesting stats from the internet comparing Liverpool players values and performances against the rest in the Premier League, so genuine Red fans can make up our minds of who really deserve the plaudits and believe how far Liverpool can go this season.

Origi £10 Million: Depay £25 Million

Origi has already clocked up 100% more games and scored 9 more goals than Depay in the Premier League.

Mane £30 Million

Mane since his move to the English league, has had more success dribbling past an average of 3 players than Eden Hazard and Mane has made more defensive tackles than Nemanja Matic. For curiosity sake, the Chelsea pairs combined value estimated at £85 Million

Philippe Coutinho have scored more goals from outside the penalty box than Pogba and Ibrahimovic combined in 2016. Coutinho’s price tag was £10 million, manures new signing salary for their period of contract £13 Million. Not to mention the small matter of £100 Million price tag for you know who.

Firmino cost Liverpool £29 Million, has more assist and goals last season than er hmm, Sterling, who Mancs paid £50 Million for.

Liverpool paid £25 Million for Wijnaldum and he was the second highest scoring midfielder last season above £50 Million De Bruyne, £35 Million pound Ozil, £40 Million David Silva and had more higher rating per match than English players such as Ross Barkley, Dele Alli, Dier, Rooney etc. So is Klopp wasting him by playing Wijnaldum in a defensive formation?

And let’s be our own critics.

Karius £4 Million

Simon Mignolet has been the most mistake prone goalkeeper last season. Also has conceded most goals from set-pieces. At least for this position Liverpool may have a better cover in Karius who cost 50 % less than Mignolet. Thanks to the transfer committee of Liverpool’s past.

Moreno £12

Moreno’s value has dropped to half what Liverpool paid for. Liverpool should write off Moreno’s fee and still make a profit by getting into CL. Or else Moreno would be the ‘one man destruction’ to cost Liverpool that CL chance again next season. Wish we could read Klopp’s mind on this one though..

Klavan £4 Million

Sakho may not find the name Klavan funny. Because Klavan’s assurance in set-pieces and corners in his first game already may be the writing on the wall for Sakho. Plus Klavan’s old school ‘safety first’ clearances may cause less of a heart problems for Liverpool fans.

If any of you have more, please share. YNWA


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All looks great on paper misty but those are the facts and they look promising. Moreno is a serious liability now and needs to be dropped ASAP. Still over 3weeks left in the transfer window and i think we can take it for granted that klopp is actively seeking a replacement for this disaster waiting to happen.


What the press seemed to forget was that we too were without key players including Karius who is probably our first choice goalkeeper, our designated first choice centre backs Matip and Sakho,and of course Sturridge, Ojo and Milner. On top of that Can and Origi were only regarded as sufficiently match fit to start on the bench.

The press is saying we are not looking to buy a left back and that Klopp still believes he can transform Moreno. If that’s the case he’s in a minority of several million to one. Hopefully he’s just playing his cards close to his chest and is busy lining up a decent replacement.

An interesting read. The price of any player is merely the amount a buyer is willing to pay, it’s not a direct indicator of quality. So far it appears Liverpool’s buys this window have been fairly astute, no obvious lemons. We’re overflowing with attacking options (we haven’t always been able to say that) and I do think our defence will improve as the season progresses. Klavan is looking like a bargain and exactly the kind of player we have needed, steady and experienced. The issue of Moreno is a tricky one. I get the feeling Klopp believes he can get Moreno up to the standard required by getting him to compete with Milner for the left back position (Milner himself is fighting for any place in the starting lineup). Moreno lacks focus but few things aid concentration like the prospect of being benched. If Milner is fit now I’d like to see Klopp drop Moreno for the next match to hit the message home hard that he really has to focus when he’s defending or he’ll be pulled to avoid him costing us points. Moreno has been given a lot of leeway in the past, it’s time he repaid the… Read more »