It’s coming to the end of the season with an exciting final showdown for the top4 fight.  If we win we’re in, if we draw or lose, we’re pretty much out.  It’s going to be almost a miracle but 3rd place is also on the cards for us.  Contrast this to last season’s league ending, I’d say there’s definitely improvement but we were in 2 cup finals last year as well, whereas this year our cup performance leaves us another year without a trophy.  

If we finish with a CL spot, I think most fans will count this season as job done.  First step to building a good team is to offer football on the highest stage.  There’s no doubt in my mind, that if we make it, then Klopp will spend money to strengthen the squad.  Injuries and losing Mane to Afcon left us dwindling in January and the results showed.  Until the new year we were looking at a potential fight for the title and I can’t help but feel that if Mane didn’t go to Afcon and Matip, Lovren, Henderson, Can, Lallana, Coutinho, Sturridge and Mane stayed fit till the end of the season then we’d be up there with Chelsea especially, given the favourable fixture run in.  That’s an impressive list of 8 players, first 11 players that’s suffered spells on the sidelines.  Many focus on Mane but Coutinho was out for a long while, so was Sturridge.  Firmino was also injured for a few games. 

A depleted first 11 and relying on youngsters to fill spots on the bench tells the tale of what’s been the issue in the second half of the season.  Not so much the tactics nor the inability to win against smaller sides or break them down as is commonly said.  Look at how defensive teams play against us, even with a depleted squad! This is what Klopp has brought us.  Formidability without spending alot and dealing with a small squad.  

For me, he doesn’t get nearly enough credit for that.  Look at how many players he’s brought in? Matip, Mane and Wijnaldum but he’s taken what was there and made it so much better.  Fans need to realize how well Klopp is doing all the while, the competition in the PL couldn’t be any higher. Pep at City, Conte at Chelsea, Mourinho at Utd, Koeman at Everton, the emergence of Spurs, West Ham at the new stadium and other up n coming teams strengthening teams with good quality players with the amount of money in the game.  

I hope he can continue in this fashion of progress and add a trophy to cabinet next year.  In the meantime, I’m looking forward to a win at Boro!  YNWA


  1. warrior18

    Bloody hope it’s a win on sunday mate, otherwise we’re screwed 😆 .
    We have to count the season as a success if we finish in the top4, don’t really want to say any more as i’m planning an end of season blog.
    Nice blog mate and agree with all you say 😎

  2. RedUncle

    Even if we don’t qualify for Europe we’ll still finish higher in the league than we did last season so in one respect this season has already been a success. However, in reality, a reasonable aim at the beginning of the season was the winning of a trophy and/or European qualification so to miss out on any of these would make calling this season a success questionable, especially after relatively poor showings in the cups.

    1. warrior18

      One thing is certain, we won’t miss out on european football but obviously it’s the CL we want and not the EL. I think for many years now CL qualification has been our number one objective at the start of every season, for financial and player quality reasons, i know we will still have a qualifying round to contend with this season before we enter the CL proper and going by what i’ve read we could come up against some bloody big clubs but if we can avoid the knockout and have a good run i can see us making our way back to fighting for lge titles again with this manager and some added quality to what we already have, won’t happen overnight of course so more patience will be needed but happen it will.
      P.S. of course there’s the small matter of beating borough on sunday first 😮

  3. Huytonian

    I agree that given the long list of injuries it is a credit to Klopp and his players that we are in with a fighting chance of top 4 or even top 3 depending on Sunday’s results. I can’t imagine that any of our rivals would be in the same position had they suffered the same long list of injuries to key players. It’s wasn’t just the injuries but the time taken to regain full fitness that was a problem, Coutinho being the prime example. It’s only in the last few weeks he has got back to his early season form. If we fail to get CL football the season cannot be judged as a success but nevertheless the team’s progress would still be evident. However, I don’t think that will happen and I’m confident we will be celebrating come Sunday evening, albeit probably with a few anxious moments on the way.

    1. warrior18

      I was saying the same thing to a friend the other day, how we’re in with a great chance of finishing 4th, which i’ve no doubt we will, is incredible despite all the knock backs we’ve had this season.
      We miss out now the season will end in a nightmare, being this close it would be a disaster if we didn’t get at least that 4th spot, massive knock back for the club and the supporters but like you, i feel it won’t happen, i can see us doing a westham on borough on sunday.

      1. Huytonian

        I can recall some last day games from the 70’s and 80’s when we had to win to secure the title. OK it’s not the title this time round but it feels just as important. I recall how riddled with nerves we were in the first halves of those games even when we scored early. Then in the second half we calmed down and sailed through. I wouldn’t be surprised if something similar happened on Sunday. I just hope the players aren’t as nervous as I will be!

        1. warrior18

          An early goal would certainly calm them down and the floodgates would open i feel, the longer we go without scoring the more nervous they’ll get and the risk of a mistake increases, the ground goes quiet, the crowd start oohing and awing with every wayward pass, it’s horrible really and the players very much pick up on it, an early goal would erase all that and we”ll have a great afternoon.
          i’ve no doubt we’ll all be smiling on monday morning but let’s hope they don’t put us through the mill first.

          1. Huytonian

            The game turned out much as I predicted but I must admit to feeling very anxious going into that extra minute at the end of the first half. What a difference a goal makes! After what turned out ultimately to be a successful season let’s hope we have an equally successful close season in the transfer market.