Often we use hyperbole to promote the importance of an event, or a article/blog we write.  While I might be accused of that, I don’t think this is trying to attempt that.

I honestly do think these next five games will determine our season.  We have won our last three PL games.  In that run we drew away at Augsburg and won at home to advance in EL.  We went 120 minutes vs City before dropping the Cup on penalties.  During all that time, with all those different defensive combinations we’ve put forth, we’ve only conceded two goals.  All of that after bowing out to West Ham in the FA Cup, giving up a lead vs Sunderland, and defensive letdown at Leicester.  So despite those three showings, we’ve returned a majority of our injuries and have now put together a good run.  A run that sees us in 7th, three points behind Man U and 5 behind Hammers, with a game in hand on each of them.  We are only 6 behind a stumbling City (no game in hand).

Am I putting forth the belief that we can climb three more spots in the table?  It is possible.  Do I believe we will?  At this point, I don’t.  The difference from moving from 11th to 6th or 5th is a lot easier than moving from 5th to 4th, much less 7th to 4th.

But it is possible with a strong showing in these next five matches.

10/3 – EL – Man U @ Anfield

postponed – PL – Chelsea

17/3 – EL – @ Man U

20/3 – PL – @ Southampton

2/4 – PL – Spurs @ Anfield

I know that two of those games aren’t in PL and don’t affect our standing in the table.  But they could have a very real indirect affect on it.  The confidence quotient that would come from sending Man U packing and eliminating their pursuit of silverware and a CL berth would be huge for us, and could destroy them.  Especially their youth.  While it may make them focus on PL more and be tougher to overcome them in the PL standings, I don’t think that the case.  We’ve been shown to be capable of rattling off spells of good form for 5, 10 and even 15 games the last two years.  This boost would help.  Man U on the other hand has looked poor, and are resting their hopes on the shoulders of youngsters who haven’t been influenced by being around LVG much yet.  We’ve all seen how unpredictable and unreliable it is to rely on youngsters over a period of time.

Ride that feel-good factor to wins over Southampton who are secure in their spot in the table and don’t have as much to play for (other than lack of belief revenge), and a win or even a draw versus title chasers Spurs who we’ve seem to have their number in recent times, we will be on fire.

Check our schedule following those matches and it leaves us the rescheduled match versus a resurgent Chelsea (at Anfield), and further home fixtures with Stoke, Watford and relegation battlers Newcastle; as well as trips to potentially relegation battlers Bournemouth and Swansea before ending the season at West Brom.

It is never easy to face a relegation battler who is fighting for their PL lives.  But they are down their for a reason and our team, if clicking, will be in good shape.

I do think we need to make that run though in these five games to have a legitimate shot.  And finishing May facing Watford and at the Hawthorns isn’t easy considering their physicality and styles.  But hopefully with their seasons secure and us having something to play for at that point (people playing for jobs and Europe), we can catch them ‘on the beach’ already and capitalize.  Whereas if they were in worse positions they’d definitely put up a battle for safety.

It’s a reach and I honestly wrote off our chances a couple months ago.  But hey, a fellow can dream, can’t he?


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I said a couple of weeks ago when the focus was on the League Cup and the Europa that I felt it was just as important to finish strongly in the league. That would give us momentum going into next season. Our improvement under Klopp hasn’t been dramatic but the team is starting to gel with players returning from injury, improved fitness levels and players beginning to understand the way the manager wants us to play. There is also a new mentality with the players no longer looking a soft touch. In the last 2 seasons we went on a good run in the new year only to come tumbling down before the end of the season. If we are at the beginning of a run with our 3 PL wins then it has come later than in the past and we need to maintain it to the end of the season. I still think top 4 is out of reach as it requires other teams to drop too many points and despite our improvement we all know there are still weaknesses in the team. But 5th should be achievable. By the way Kloppite you haven’t mentioned the Merseyside derby… Read more »

Nice read mate,
We’re on a good little run right now and long may it continue, all we can do is win as many of our remaining lge games as we can and see where it takes us, i really can’t see us getting a CL spot, i think the 4 that are there now will end the season there, only thing that’s in dispute is where in the top4 they will end, no harm in dreaming though mate.


Before the game against Palace one of the commentators was asked who he thought would win and he replied ‘It depends which Liverpool team gets off the bus.’ That’s exactly how I feel, it’s so hard to predict what the Liverpool team are going to do at the moment. I wouldn’t put it past us to go on a decent run, but it wouldn’t surprise me if we lost the next couple of matches either. I think a lot will depend on which players are available for each individual match and what form they’re in. If we don’t have an injury crisis there’s a possibility we could go on a run but whether it’d last long enough to get 4th is highly speculative.


Yes I agree with this. It sort of sums up the inconsistency thing we are having and still no cure in place. Why oh why?


I’m going to stick my neck out and predict if we don’t suffer any more major injuries between now and the end of the season we will get top 4 and it may be in place of city. An interesting stat I saw recently is that city have only beaten 1 team who are currently in the top 9. I’m not sure how many games they have left against teams currently in the top 9 but it sure is a shocking stat for them to overcome. We are also the top scorers in 2016 if that continues we are well capable of making top 4 imo. Starting Thursday night will be the turning point of our season.


I have already done the math mate, the problem is – there are a lot of games between the top 6, lot of draws might help us, we have to win pretty much every game in the league and still rely on city, west ham and man u to draw a lot of games … let’s hope for the best, hopefully we give everything to Europa, I personally think it’s a prestigious trophy and makes our European trophy cabinet bigger than it already is … 😛


Agreed sandi. Minus 2 points for all of them up there and we slowly get our 3 points and climb up with a net one point advantage. It will take 6 games to determine anything but ManC still have better goal difference…
But the Europa…well we are in the QF. 8 teams become 4 become 2. I’m just worried when we take on the Spanish teams (Sevilla, Villareal). However if we DO get Dortmund by making it all the way to the final, I will STILL be worried that our lads will start getting the jitters since its a final. What if Liverpool vs Dortmund final ends up with a penalty shootout? Oh man…I think I’m thinking to far ahead now !!!


Just need to get the team on a winning run, and then try to keep it going, if we can then be like the run away juganaught and become unstoppable till the end of the season, it would hopefully set us up for a good pre season, learning further under Klopp and his methods, and will become fit enough to execute his system


Great interesting article KLOPPite. I would put our top 4 hopes down to how Man City perform in the remaining PL matches. They, like us, also have a Southampton and West Brom game and they also have Manure, Chelsea and Arsenal coming up with also a tricky Swansea fixture. For us, Stoke, Chelsea & Swansea will be key games after our Southampton and West Brom ones. Don’t forget how West Brom edged out Spurs 2-1. I always get the jitters when we play Crystal Palace, Stoke, West Ham and West Brom. These clubs are physical and excellent at crosses and headers when we are weakest at defending set pieces. Oh ya, the other thing is goal difference will play a factor.