Following Liverpool is seriously dangerous for us older supporters.  My heart had just recovered from the 5-4 at Norwich when we go to a penalty shoot-out!  Ok the performance was poor though not lacking in spirit but for me the big plus on top of a Wembley final was the return of Jon Flanagan after missing more than a season and a half.  Much like Clyne, Flanno takes care of the first duty of full-backs which is to defend.  His distribution was a bit rusty last night as could be expected but what a shift he put in!  105 minutes when he hadn’t played more than 60 minutes previously.  Having him back is just like having a new signing.  With Moreno once again showing a lack of positional sense, having a proper defender to call on will be invaluable for the rest of the season.


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Jamie (admin)

Agreed mate he was fantastic, shown no fear or signs of rustiness. Credit to the medical team and coaching staff too, its clear his recovery has been well managed which is not common enough at the club.

Klopp gave him MOTM at his press conference, I loved it during the celebrations when klopped grabbed the TV camera and turned it to Flanno, nice touch that.


To tell you the truth Flanno is our best player at the club at the moment and I have said it before he is going to be a World Class Player… We are starting (or it has already started?) a new era with this fella and we’re going to enjoy it for many years to come.


I particularly like the fact Flanagan doesn’t look hesitant in tackles, something that isn’t uncommon when a player has been out for a long period and subconsciously feels they must protect a joint or a muscle. In contrast, I don’t know what Moreno’s thinking at the moment. I’d much rather see him act like an orthodox defender rather than bombing around the pitch. I wonder whether a fullback combination of Clyne/Flanagan would be possible…?


Flanno is got to be given a new long term contract, his current one runs out at the end of this season, which is coming up fast, so needs doing urgently, will be a great player, has no fear, the new Tommy Smith, this lad would go through a brick wall just as smithy used to. Don’t find lads like this one very often red through and through


If the club doesn’t renew his new contract ASAP and decides to let him go at the end of the season… I will never forgive them for this. This guy is priceless and as you have said the new Tommy Smith… someone solid at the defense. I do enjoy watching an old fashion defender and Flanno has it all right down to the tee.