Just a quick post guys. Jon Flanagan has signed a 3 year contract, confirmed. Fantastic news, chuffed for both the player and clubclub, huge red, huge talent, huge future!

See official site for full details – Liverpool FC.com


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It sounds like Klopp told the Club to sort it out fast and they did. Great that there’s a local lad in the squad especially one brought up practically in the shadow of the ground. Hope he continues to progress after his injury problems. I expect he will feature on Sunday against the Saints – he was withdrawn at half-time in the U21 match on Wednesday which was a clue..


Klopp said something rather curious after Flanagan re-signed, he said there are a few other fullbacks in the world, not so many Scousers. Seems this contract was not just about Flanagan’s ability but also a symbolic gesture in keeping a local element in the team. I approve of both elements.

Jamie (admin)

Yeah I seen that too. Very impressive, I also liked how he said he was involved with negotiations in this one. I doubt BR was involved in negotiations. Klopp has big pulling power with both existing and potential players. Im not saying Flanno needed convincing but any player that speaks to Jurgen will find it hard to turn LFC down, especially now he’s beggining to make his mark on the club. Good signs for the summer but today is about a class young scouser, I hope this time next year we’ll be the saying the same of another young scouser too.


I tend to think Klopp and his coaches were waiting that little bit longer to see how well Flanagan’s knee would hold up and whether there were any lasting effects from the injury. Flanagan has had little game time since his return and I daresay Klopp needed to see a certain number of hours on the clock before he felt comfortable offering him a new contract, thus explaining the hesitation from the club regarding the contract. As long as Flanagan was deemed longterm fit I think there was little doubt he’d get another contract, he has proven he is a genuine Premier League standard fullback.


Find it hard to believe Klopp negotiated with Flanno even I find scouse difficult lol. Joking aside this is a great step in the right direction imo. Flanno is a no nonsense defender and he knows how to defend first, the attacking mentality will come with experience


Delighted for him & us. Such an important signing.


Think he will be a important player for us, not only has a player, but has an example to orthentic local lads, that they can make it through