Recent Rumors suggest that Gary Cahill might  be transferred to LFC, I do not know if this is going to happen in this month, in summer it might be possible, He is 30 already, he has definitely got 3 seasons  left in him , he many not have played well this season but he is a very good defender…


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our squad consists of 5 CBs, 5 attacking midfielders and 5 strikers. we’re lacking backup full backs and wingers, but I have faith in Flanno and Smith.


No doubt he’s a good CB but would he oust sakho, toure or lovren??? all of similar quality i feel, okay, he might be a slight upgrade on toure but definitely not the others.


With Matip probably arriving in the summer and Joe Gomez returning to fitness I don’t see that we are short of a central defender. We should spend the money elsewhere.


He’s nothing exciting or world-class, be he is a steady defender. And that would be a good characteristic for our defense at this stage. Plus his experience playing in good defenses wouldn’t hurt either. It’d be a question of cost and whether Chelsea would let him come here. I don’t think it would happen in summer because of our squad depth and the fact he wants a move NOW to help ensure his place in the Euros. LFC in summer wouldn’t help either party enough.


If we bring in a central defender, then we should bring in one of a high grade than we currently have, what is the point in spending money and standing still.