Been slightly inactive the past few weeks but I’m back to complaining again (not really).   Being a LFC fan is great, especially when you meet someone (like a manure fan) who only 4 weeks ago were sympathetically sarcastic in their comments and they now attempt to ‘not see you’ instead of greeting you with a knowing smile, as they had previously.  It is so much fun to be the ‘adult’ in the equation and simply greeting them and walking away.  But being the 70+ child that I am, I cannot help but break out with a very loud guffaw before they disappear out of sight.  Fingers and unmentionables are crossed again so Warrior, Jamie and the rest of you guys, keep the faith.   YNWA!   P.S.  Jamie who are all these guys anyway?  I get the feeling I’ve missed something crucial being sick (bad, BAD flu).


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Curse that flu, i get the jab every year mate 😀 . Hope your feeling better now sage, great to see ye back on.

I love bumping into manure heads these days, not so long ago they were the ones dishing out the stick but today it’s my turn. Their running scared now mate, they can see what klopp is doing at LFC and they don’t like it 😎 , every one of them can’t stand their own manager and want him out, so it’s fantastic now that the role’s have been reversed and i let them know everytime i have the misfortune of bumping into them 😀 😀 .

Great to see some new members and that their contributing on a regular basis, just what we needed, lets hope many more come onboard. Always keeping the faith mate, YNWA.


I am sad to say my oldest son is a Manu supporter, and yes he does not like the manager, don’t know what I did wrong when he was a boy but think he was turned when they started winning stuff, you know what some kids are like. But at least my other boy is one of us, and when he was little used to go to the games with me, which was a great feeling. But I am now in position to give the one which is on the dark side of the family grief as their brand of football is boring and long may it continue, YNWA. Red till Dead.


I went the other way. My dad was an Evertonian. I made the best decision of my life aged 4! Fortunately my son and daughter both became Reds though my daughter’s partner is a Chelsea fan (who has been very quiet of late)


I owe it to my dad that I’m a LFC fan & from what I can remember I didn’t have a lot of choice. Glad & proud to be one especially all the bits that go with it for example finding it extremely hard to mention a certain teams name (can’t do it anyway) without a complete change of ****** expression & calling them something that normally only has a few letters. I’m still very grounded at the moment & im not getting carried away but I’m certainly enjoying our purple patch & also our fantastic new manager. YNWA