For once Moureeen has a point. ‘It was Liverpool’s fault’ for losing 2 points to a much weaker team.

Liverpool paid the price for being too predictable. The same stale 4-3-3 system played right into the hands of Manure, and they obliged by stationing 6 defenders. Basically nullifying Liverpool’s 3 attackers with 2 defenders each. One to man mark and another to block off the space. Too easy!

Klopp said his team “needed to be brave’, but it was him who needed to take the initiative. Firmino wasn’t having his worst game last night but if Klopp had been brave to send in Origi to partner Sturridge, perhaps that would have confused manure’s defenders.

If Moureen was resorting to an oldest outdated defensive tactic to ensure his team doesn’t lose, Klopp best counter would have been to use the retro 4-4-2 formation to get a result.

Klopp wasn’t outsmarted last night, he just made it too easy for his counterpart. Klopp was naïve. He should have known when dealing with a manager who is too much into himself, that Moureen may not come to win a football match for his club, but will resort to the lowest level to not get beaten. Why else would a team with the world’s most expensive player and one of the most experienced lethal striker ‘park the bus’ and use long punts.

Moureen didn’t care if his team looked like Bolton in disguise, but he got what they came for. On the contrary the Reds were struggling in their own turf because they insisted on style over substance.

Klopp for all his football genius was made to look ordinary last night because of his refusal to win ugly. A draw last night wasn’t the worst result. But time and again, Liverpool are losing precious point against easy opponents because Klopp has not figured out or is willing to try something else when his opponents come to play cowardly football.

Slotting in Sturridge into a system that doesn’t suit the player backfired enormously, hence the question if Liverpool really can push for the title with a single monotonous tactic?

Klopp believes in galvanizing the team by sticking to the same set of tactics and players, at times it’s producing goals galore and other time as last night, it becomes too easy for opponents to anticipate Liverpool’s next move.

An example of how critics are raving over De Gea’s save from Coutinho piledriver, but watching the replay it’s easy to see the manure keeper expecting a shot from the Magician way before he unleashed it. Since there were no player in Red running into the box to keep the goalkeeper guessing for a cross it made it too easy for the De Gea get across his goal.

Such is becoming of Liverpool’s predictable play that even when chances are created it doesn’t bring the rewards it deserves.

I am not for rotation, but freshness is needed in this current Liverpool team, and Klopp has to use the full depth of the squad. Variation might spring some surprises for the opponents and re-invigorate the Reds as well.

Liverpool is well on the right path under Klopp no doubt, but Klopp need to be aware that Liverpool’s success will be hampered by outside influence. It was only too evident prior to the manure game, that the FA, the Referee Association and Media has put a lot of pressure on the home team.

Even during the game, a certain commentator showed his biasnes all too blatantly.

Klopp may have shown his credentials on the pitch, but such political mind games will be something he has to adapt and maneuver in English Football.

For that to happen, Klopp must have his tactics and team spot on to meet a variety of challenges outright.

West Brom awaits this weekend and no doubt they will gladly duplicate Moureen’s tactics to the last detail.

Which is why just as the Red manager mentioned his team ‘has to learn from such games’ so does Jurgen Klopp. And as always in Klopp we trust.



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I’m not convinced it was the system that was at fault. The fact that Klopp had to change two personnel didn’t help, as having a consistent team selection and system over recent weeks has been a big factor in helping the team knit together. Can in for Lallana/Wijnaldum slowed the passing down especially in the first half but credit the lad for battling hard and improving a lot in the second half. Although we missed a chance to make a statement I wasn’t too disappointed with the result as it was a game we would have lost in past seasons. The press are making a lot of United snuffing us out but the fact that Karius didn’t have a save to make shows we did the same to them. No doubt West Brom will try similar tactics but their players aren’t as good as United’s and we will go into that match having had 90 minutes practice at playing that system.


I think you’re being a little harsh on Klopp. Unlike Burnley, who set up in two pretty solid banks of four, United left a bit more space which Klopp expected our players to exploit. His explanation after the game, and I think he’s right, was that we patiently moved the ball around until it came to the point where we had to pass to Sturridge. Then we panicked and just offloaded it to him whether he was in a good position or not. The reason, I believe, Klopp isn’t changing the formation is because he doesn’t think that’s where the problem lies – he’s trying to convince his players to patiently keep the ball moving between themselves until the opportunities open up, which they almost always eventually do. It takes a considerable amount of confidence and calmness for a team to do this and although we’ve managed it on occasions we’re not quite there yet.