Just a quick heads-up for those of you who haven’t heard.

The verdict of the jury, at the Hillsborough inquest, is due to be announced at 11.00am tomorrow (Tues 26th April).

Apparently LFC TV are going to be running special programmes on Tues & Weds, as well as coverage on the LFC website.

Let’s just hope that after all this time, just ice will finally be seen to be done, so that our 96 brothers and sisters may finally rest in peace.

YNWA. Always. J4T96-GBNF. #justiceatlast #RIP96


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Fantastic muso, thanks for the heads up mate, a big big day for the city of liverpool.


I’ve just read this on the BBC News website:

‘The forewoman said at least seven of the nine jurors had reached an agreement on the unlawful killing question in a 14-section questionnaire.’

How can anyone be unsure whether the killings were unlawful?