Hey Guys,

Your (less of the) old pal, Musicman71, here.

Ahead of a special look into the tragic events of April 15th, 1989, I have taken it upon myself to upload a copy of the Hillsborough Independent Panel Report, that was published, to much celebration (sic), on September 12th, 2012.

This report is available in the public domain, and can be easily accessed on numerous websites.

DO be warned, though. The information, in this document, is of such a nature, that it will leave you, shocked, horrified, disgusted, and ANGRY!


The arrogance and disrespect shown, not only to supporters, but (in the aftermath) the families, as well, has been documented, but not to this degree.

I’m only up to page 110, and I……..well, as most (if not all) of you know, this is something that means more to me than any of the trophies that our great team has ever won, because trophies can be won, lost, and eventually won again. We only get one life! I’m angry as hell.

As you read this report, you will come to see that only organisation (sic) that come out of it with any credit are the South Yorkshire Fire Department.

The club, the police, the FA, the clubs’ ‘safety engineers (sic)’, and even the ambulance service, do not come out of this in a good light.

I know that the subject matter is one that we don’t broach easily (haven’t we suffered enough?), but this document NEEDS to be viewed. Just to get a perspective.

Hopefully, the new inquests (that have shown that this DAMNING report is only the tip of a very large iceberg), will bring all parties responsible to book, and punish them accordingly.



YNWA. ALWAYS (with hope in my heart). J4T96-GBNF.X



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I read the report at the time of publication and it’s astonishing the sheer amount of errors made (knowingly and unknowingly) by the emergency services, the FA, Sheffield Wednesday FC and the government. It’s obvious to any person of sound mind that it would’ve taken a concerted effort to keep many of these errors, and conspiracies, covered up for so long and I’ll be amazed if coroner’s jury doesn’t come back with a damning verdict.