Although we bottled against Bournemouth, it could prove to be quite a catalyst for the rest of the season. Even when we were 2-0 up, I could see that Klopp was not entirely relaxing as the boys were a little carried away with the game and we can sense that, we opened the doors for no good reason.

Klopp clearly now knows that this is a young side, except Milner we have nobody who knows, what it really takes to win one of the toughest titles in Europe if not the most. Surprisingly though we won 2-1 against Chelsea and in that match we kept possession for a large period of time, very compact and organized, now I know they were not the same team as they are right now but common it was Bournemouth.

If Klopp could work on the mindset of the each and every player, which I am sure he will to ensure that they give everything they have got until the final whistle is blown, I don’t thiink there is any team who can stop us.

Grit will certainly help us to achieve more than what we are capable of, let’s hope by the end of the season we will look back and we are extremely happy about it as fans….


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What was infuriating about the Bournemouth defeat was that we basically beat ourselves by not doing what we normally do. Klopp’s system is fantastic when everyone is fully committed but it only takes a small number of players to start cruising and the system starts to fragment. For the last sixty minutes in that game pretty much the whole team stopped fulfilling the necessary functions to keep the system working properly and the result was numerous individual errors that led to goals.

That outcome should act as an almighty slap around the face to the squad. Klopp has protected them from much of the negative press by taking them to train in Spain and to watch Barcelona play. They’ve now seen a truly professional team play and if that doesn’t inspire them nothing will. I’ll be very surprised if we don’t see a very motivated team against West Ham.


There will certainly be a lot more intensity in our game on sunday, they must have plenty of it in reserve as they used none against bournemouth which would have driven klopp crazy as that’s what his style is all about. They took bournemouth for granted and paid the price, i really can’t see klopp allowing that to happen again, if it does then we have a problem with the players mentality but i don’t think it’ll be an issue, we’ll find out on sunday i suppose.


I think Klop taking the boys to watch the Barca game was good, they guys need to watch a game from the stands and see how a game is won..even watching the team that lost will teach them how not to lose….perspective is needed at time and so is Humility for both players and fans…


For us to stand a chance of winning the league depends on whether players can stay fit throughout the season and the performance of our defense. As far as transfers go, the team has showed great moments and showed that consistency can be achieved but kinda like Arsenal, there’s going to be a game after every few where we play shockingly bad. On days like these, a strong defense can at least earn or point or the team must learn to nick a 1-0.


Game management is the key to future success. We were improving in that respect until last Sunday. Having the calming influence of Matip has been a big factor in that improvement. Glad to hear he has put his club before his country with regards to the African Cup.


For Liverpool to have a real shot at Premier League and Champs League qualification honours, Klopp needs to have his best squad fit and committed for the entire 90 mins of play. Also he needs to realize not everyone from another league can automatically adjust to the rigors of the premier league as Guardiola is slowly discovering, la Liga’s Claudio Bravo is a pale shadow of Joe Hart leaking 7 goals in the last 2 games…