I would just say we had decent cup runs but have been quite forgettable in the league, losing too many points from winning positions (just like Spurs, but they have a much better defense). Overall it is just another year in managerial transition and apart from Leics CFC and maybe So’ton and West Ham, no team really stands out like the Euro monoliths Barca, Bayern, Real, or Juve.  And unless teams get it right, have squad depth and are ready for European tournaments, new sides may fancy their chances of grabbing their Euro chances in the coming seasons…


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I would say a really disappointing league campaign but we’ve had our moments. The cup runs have put a nice gloss over the season and together with Klopp’s appointment, a real sense of excitement and belief that we are truly going to only get better. TBH I’m really disappointed with our league position but a EL final win will instantaneously make me forget. 🙂


Actually the same as the last few years:

Entertainingly frustrating.

This summer:

Cautiously optimistic


I think around 60 games were played , that is a very busy season for any club in the world, I wonder which other club has played that many games and reached two finals and be in the first half of the table, thankfully next season we can focus on the league alone.

We’ve all witnessed a big improvement in the performance of all lot of players, mostly because nobody was played out of position, the big question is does Klopp need replacements other than the obvious positions (GK, Dmf, LB)

It’s been a long season and a busy one – 63 games in all, probably more than any other club in the main European Leagues. It’s also been a season in which we were decimated at times through injuries which seemed to hit the same areas of the team at the same time, meaning that at different times we were short of defenders, mid-fielders and strikers. We used 39 players which may also be a record. Ultimately it was a disappointing season but there were enough high spots once Klopp was appointed to give us optimism for the future. With a decent pre-season, a new fitness regime and more time to work week-in week out with players through the lack of European games we can expect to see a side developing more and more along the lines of Dortmund. Plus of course a few quality additions to the squad to replace those who have come up short. For me the highlights were our wins at Chelsea and City and the Europa games against United, Dortmund and Villareal (home). I don’t want to even think about the low points of which there were several before and after Klopp’s arrival. The most… Read more »