With the lifting of the ban on Mamadou for the Euro ’16 tournament (though he may not feature), I wonder if he’s available for Klopp’s pre-season preparations for the new season or does the ban effectively applies to all club football activities for Sakho until the end of 2016?


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What UEFA are currently saying is that they’re considering Sakho’s case. I take it this means they’re investigating his defence’s claim that the substance he took shouldn’t be on the banned list. While they’re doing that they’ve chosen not to continue Sakho’s suspension so technically he could play in the Euro’s, although it looks unlikely he’ll be selected for the French squad. Sakho’s fate hinges on whether UEFA keep the substance he took on the banned list or take it off. As of yet we don’t know when that decision will be made or what the likely outcome will be so whether Sakho is available for preseason remains unclear.

Musicman71 aka Muso

I’m not sure that they’ll want to risk it, just in case. I’ll just be glad when the whole sorry mess gets put to bed!!